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This page is considered an ignorable policy on Uncyclopedia.
It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow, unless they don't want to, in which case they are free to ignore it, in which case nobody will care. Please make use of the standing on one knee position to propose to this policy.

It is the custom to reward Uncyclopedia contributors for minimal work and a lack of diligence by awarding them ninjastars. To give the award to someone, just place the image on their talk page, and say why you've given it. Don't hesitate: be italic!

The concept of the ninjastar as an award was created by Flammable and has since been shamelessly stolen by the mockery that is Wikipedia.

The following are the ninjastars currently in use, arranged in whatever order I damned well feel like. If you have any ideas regarding additions to, changes to, or removals of the ninjastars on this list, please bring them up on the talk page or do it your damned self!


Ninjastar Name Description
Ninjastar.png Original Ninjastar This ninjastar, the first on Uncyclopedia, is given to recognise particularly generic contributions to Uncyclopedia, to pretend that people's pathetic work is seen and appreciated.
StuckNinjastar.png Ninjastar is Stuck to my Hand The Ninjastar is Stuck to my Hand is awarded to those that have helped proliferate ninjastars across Uncyclopedia. It should be noted that creating new ninjastars that don't suck and properly awarding ninjastars to lots of other people are both justifiable reasons to be awarded a Ninjastar is Stuck to my Hand.
Ninjastarfish.jpg Brown Ninjastarfish Despite what one might think, the Ninjastarfish has nothing at all to do with seafood but, rather, is awarded to those individuals who are particularly adept at handling arseholes.
NinjastarSe.cx.png Ninjase.cx The Ninjase.cx is awarded for contributions that are so abominably distasteful they make you want to curl up in a ball and cry.
Offensive star.jpg Hater Star The Hater Star is awarded to the hateful and racist editors that have nothing better to do than piss off minorities.
Ninjashop.png MSPaint Ninjastar The MSPaint Ninjastar is awarded for excellence in the field of image contributions, though we hope you award it for contributions that look better than the award itself. Best of all, you don't need to deal with all that voting to give one of these to someone.
Pocketful.jpg Pocketful of Ninjastars The Pocketful of Ninjastars is awarded for making multiple edits to the same article in quick succession, thus completely disregarding the "Show Preview" button.
Chocolate Ninjastar.jpg Chocolate-covered Ninjastar Sweet but Deadly. For bastard admins who accidentally do something nice.
Sucker Ninjastar.png Sucker for Punishment Awarded to users who withstand massive doses of ridicule and humiliation, and keep coming back for more.
Whirlingstar.gif Whirling Star of Vigilance The Whirling Ninjastar of Doom Vigilance is awarded to those users that are constantly working to improve Uncyclopedia. These users can consider themselves blessed; but should note that, as the Star officially makes them 'Vigilant', attacking will no longer cause them to tap.
GoldNinjaStar.png "Have a Gold Ninjastar!" This Ninjastar is awarded to young Uncyclopedians for not sucking (unless they do suck, then you should consult your dealer) like a teacher rewards an infant a golden star sticker.
Blinjastar.png Blinjastar Awarded to particularly nasty cases of the Wigger, Fjortis and Pissus and all other strains of the chav virus.
Clinjastar.png Clinjastar The Clinjastar is awarded for excellent contributions relating to clowns, clinjas or any other ninja or clown mutant hybrids.
Ninjewstar.png Ninjewstar The Ninjewstar is awarded for exceptionally funny or tasteless jokes at the expense of or about Jews or Nazis.
Nijapiratestarrr.png Ninjastarrr The Ninjastarrr is awarded for high quality contributions to uncyclopedia in the fields of pirates and ninja pirates because whilst no one is quite sure whether a ninja or a pirate would win in a fight, everyone knows that a ninja pirate could beat a ninja and a pirate. However multiple ninja will always beat a ninja, a pirate, AND multiple pirates.
Ninjaskin.png Reskin Ninjastar This Ninjastar is awarded by an admin, normally Rcmurphy, for making excellent front page reskins.
Ninjaspinnermedal.gif RimjaStar This Ninjastar is for excellent contributions to topics on all means of conveyance, because adding rims to anything makes it cool.
Ninjastar dark.png Horrorstar The Horrorstar is awarded for excellent contributions to horror topics (including grues).
Ninjascar.png These Stars Will Never Heal This Ninjastar is awarded to writers of goth and emo-themed articles, BECAUSE NO ONE... WILL EVER... UNDERSTAND.... THEIR PAINNNNNNN.
Nailbat.png The Uncyc Nail Bat The Uncyclopedia Nailbat is an award given to those who have shown exceptional skill in hammering facts into the dense heads of the various and sundry idiots, n00bs, and asshats that grace these pages. The bat itself is intended to represent the pain that they need to inflict in order to get this point across, through the use of shrewd observations, clever criticisms and witty put downs. The nails are representative of the sharp retorts of the awardee, as well as the pain that the awardee wishes to inflict upon said moron.
JesusStar.png Jesus Christ Ninjastar The Jesus Christ Ninjastar is given to those who have contributed tremendously to Jesus-related articles, or excellence in jesii creation.
Red Ninjastar.png Communist NinjaStar This NinjaStar is awarded to users that help to keep the dream of Communism alive.
Manneken.JPG Urine Ninja Star This Ninja Star is awarded to users that exhibit remarkable dedication to the sight and maintenance of pee.
Pantsless Ninjastar.png Pantsless Ninjastar The Pantsless Ninjastar is given to those exceptional users who like to help out noobs.
History star.png History Ninjastar This Ninja Star is awarded to users who contribute to and write history-themed articles, because history articles are good for smart-making!
Llamastar.png Llama Ninjastar This Ninjastar is for those who excel in silliness. As well as slashing your enemies, it spits at them.
Grue Ninjastar.png Grue Ninjastar An award for inventive use of grues, maintaining and editing games involving grues, and generally keeping the tradition of grues alive.
FireBlodNinjastar.png Flamewar Ninjastar For those who fight in flamewars without disturbing Uncyclopedia.
WaterNinjastar.png Waterpeace Ninjastar For those who stop the flamewars before they destroy Uncyclopedia.
FamilyNinjastar.png Family of Ninjastars This family-friendly award is for those who have mentored a user who became a CUN or higher, as a symbol of gratitude for helping Uncyclopedians reach their full potential by mothering them into something worth looking at.
Paperstar.png Paperstar The Paperstar is for those that make stuff with little to no effort yet somehow still manage to be funny.
Butlerstar.png Butlerstar The Butlerstar is given to users who have toiled away like a butler for another user, and are always at said user's beck-and-call. After all, where would Frankenstein be without Igor?
CensoredNinjastar.png Pornstar The Pornstar is given to users who have created articles related to T3h Pr0n.
Gayninjastar.png Gaystar A really gay star, which is given to users which sound gay or display what in your opinion is gay content.
OldNinjastar.png Tiresome Ninjastar The Tiresome Ninjastar is given to hard-working admins and users in maintenance.
LinkNinjastar.png Wikinja Star The Wikinja Star is given to users who have shown diligence in eliminating deadend articles by adding irrelevant (but appropriate) links within articles.
Ninjastar?.png Oblivious Ninjastar The Oblivious Ninjastar is given to users who never seem to be in the know. Ever.
Mustache Star.png Mustache Star The Mustache Star is awarded to people who have made really crappy articles because even they need something to cover up the shame.
Ninjastar spirit noob.png Spiritual Noob Ninjastar For those noobs or recent noobs who really deserved Noob of the Month, but were missed, outvoted or disqualified on a technicality.


To award someone a ninjastar, use the Ninjastar template on their User page. For example {{Ninjastar|Ninjastar.png|Original Ninjastar|I award this page a Ninjastar because I think I'm special.|your username}} will produce:

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