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A. Wyatt Mann[edit]

Hokay. This article is about racism and white supremacist kooks. I think in its current form it tries to be offensive to racists and does not succeed in satirizing them enough. Please gimme a hand here. I am stuck. ----OEJ 23:03, 28 December 2006 (UTC)

Hmm, this is tricky... trying to get humour from something so lamentably pathetic is always going to be hard, and the article, in its current form, manages to communicate the idea of the joke I imagine your going for (a parody of the ridiculous type of criticism which white supremacists always use with regard to their hated group... right?) but possibly it is a little too subtle... could the tone be lightened a little by further emphasising the idiocy of the hate by highlighting how unfounded it is? Off the top of my head, you could try citing sources as "Some bloke at the pub told me", or something similarly baseless. I'm afraid I can't suggest much more than that, but I hope you carry this on because it's a good idea and it's well executed- it just needs a few more laughs to help deal with the sheer amount of disgust the topic should inspire. Which is, of course, the point of satire. --Sir Jam 21:33, 1 January 2007 (UTC)