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Please use the Pee Review talk page for questions or comments about the Pee Review, or consult an administrator if the Pee Review Guidelines or the FAQs below are not helpful enough.


Q: What is Pee Review?

A: Pee Review is a spork of Wikipedia's Peer Review for requesting writing help

Q: How do I create Pee Review entry?

A:To create a Pee Review Entry, please click here.

Q: How can I help out at the Pee Review?

A:There are several current posted pees that you can critique. Before reviewing, PLEASE familiarize yourself with the Pee Review Guidelines.

Q: Is there a Pee Review Committee I can join?

A: Yes, there is.

Q: How can I thank a helpful reviewer?

A:You can thank the reviewer with a {{Golden Shower Award}}