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There will be more content added here shortly, but for the moment this is the rough draft of what will be Prime Direction. For more info see Forum:A new look USP, Forum: Is USP dead?, and Uncyclopedia:UnSignpost/Press Room‎.

What will be in first issue:


Cover will be a magazine style image with highlights of what will be included within.

Page 1[edit]

Page 2[edit]

Page 3[edit]

  • UnNews comic (Zim ulator)
  • Ask Happytimes (Happytimes)
  • Editorial about what PD is (PuppyOnTheRadio)
  • Attributions to authors
  • Spruike for Uncyclopedia, UnShoppe, Conservation Week

Page numbers may be amended depending upon space restrictions, but that's a rough contents list.