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October 31st

Shigayu Miyamoto
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/nao and other pwner languge - Er...
Khadijah bint Khuwaylid
Category:Cabbage - wth
File:14chan logo.gif
American pie
Jojin.c.joseph - vanity?
User:Lyrithya/mommy.js - Don't ask.
Teen Titans
Kim kardashian
An Analysis of Inspirational Quotes by Jonathan L. Harshfield (redirect) (delete)

October 30th: BOO!!

Pugil stick
தி நரி அண்ட் தி நாய்
Cyborg Zim
Freddi Fish
Zeca Pagodinho
Yoshi's Island

October 29th: The day after Sycamore's Birthday! I'm sure he would still like flowers and blowjobs

User:Lyrithya/Kill the manholes (redirect) (delete)
Game:The Number of the Beast/extreme sarcasm - this subpage of a deleted game is not deleted
Harry Potter Spoilers
Gary Gygax
User:Lyrithya/daji - GRRRR!
User talk:Lyrithya/gronk
Raymond Carver

October 28th: Sycamore's Birthday! Bring him flowers and blowjobs

Game:Halo Online/Slayer3 - ...
Game:Halo Online/Slayer2Start - same again
Game:Halo Online/Slayer1PlanYes - same
Game:Halo Online/WohHumanMarine - ....
File:Living room moose smaller.jpg - Unused (well, soon-to-be, anyhow) image I cant be bothered to categorise that frankly doesnt have much asthetic value, anyhow...
Unquotable:Chilton's Guide
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/hi bob suck this ..l... - Er...
Twenty Seven
Lucas Miklin

October 27th: There's Something in the Way

Spontaneously combusting creature of awesomeness
The parsloe

October 26th: Do you have a mini-fridge?

Game:Zork/restore/quit - null
Mr. Hankie the Christmas Poo - more unfunny crap
Visine - newcrap
Itin Sharma
White Gayness
Category:People who can kick Chuck Norris's Ass

October 25th: Sorry, only one tub per family in wartime

User:Lyrithya/m&m - Well, than answers that. (User request, and don't ask what.)
Game:Create A game/A zombie grue - what the?
Game:Create A Game/attack - not funny
Unhuffable Kitten 
First Flight High School Wikipedia Article War 
The spawn of all evil
UnNews:Carla Bruni-Sarkozy denies she 'Let them smoke crack' to striking workers (redirect) (delete) - SPIKE shortened headline at author's request
User talk:Luvvy/Gastrorgasmic Cuisine (redirect) (delete) - Soon to be orphaned talk page redirect. Author request. -- DameViktoria  http://images.wikia.com/uncyclopedia/images/8/80/Heart_anim.gif  Grew up with a butler, cook and a nanny, she qualifies, doesn't she? -  (Contribs)  -  (Talk)  -  (Block log)  15:49, 25 Oct
User:Luvvy/Gastrorgasmic Cuisine (redirect) (delete) Unnecessary redirect. Author request. -- DameViktoria  http://images.wikia.com/uncyclopedia/images/8/80/Heart_anim.gif  Grew up with a butler, cook and a nanny, she qualifies, doesn't she? -  (Contribs)  -  (Talk)  -  (Block log)  15:45, 25 Oct
User talk: - Me yelling at an IP.
Pepper Spray
UnNews:Grand opening of wazipedia (redirect) (delete) SPIKE "mercy move" to userspace, explained at User talk:Wazimatt
Egg sighted Please kill it, put it out of its misery... p.s. I made it.
NOODLES=BRAIN Just some ip being stupid

October 24th: With a tub of onion rings

Swindon town - Wasn't this just deleted? If not, hit me over the head with a pipe, or something, and nevermind.
Nothings - Mebbe.
User talk:Isarra - My socks don't need welcomes.

October 23rd - Scalpel...

Articles with links that have nothing to do with the subject

  ►     All articles below this point have been checked.     ◄ 
  ►      Do not relist articles from below this point.       ◄ 

Matthew Cianci
Egg sighted
Next Top Model Prediction.
Game:A+ Computer Questnician Increase speed to already accesed data - what?
Game:Grueslayer/eatsteak - blank

October 22nd - We're going to have to OPERATE!

  ►     All articles below this point have been checked.     ◄ 
  ►      Do not relist articles from below this point.       ◄ 

Category:Needs More Jean Reno
Tayto Crisps

October 21st - Proceed to Mercy Hospital for evacuation

God's country
UnNews:Local Fisherman "Ace of Bass" mistakenly invited to MC at Ministry of Sound charity gig
   - SPIKE resubmitted this, with shorter headline, to get it to the top of Recent News
Game:Escape/Celldoor/scream - S P A M
Game:Escape/Future/West - same as below
Game:Escape/Future/Leaflet - useless part of a game
Captain complicate (redirect) (delete)
Captain Anonymous
Geronimo Stilton 
Anus fest - Mommy, why are people so gross?
Donegal (County)
UnNews:Toyota recall cars unable to steer left (redirect) (delete) - Changed headline to singular verb (USA)
Slytherin Nevermind, huffed as soon as I submitted it.
User: - IPs don't get userpages, do they?
This is not real
User talk:Lyrithya/KDE (redirect) (delete)
UnNews:Scotland to be Scrapped in UK Spending Review (redirect) (delete) - No caps in UnNews headlines
Conan the Grammarian

October 20th - I love Steam!

Mother ugh
Aaaaaaaa make it go away. This is definitely NOT our lovable article.
Guy puls - Wait, what? o_O
Piss In A Glass (redirect) (delete)
The glass is half empty and half full. - Does an image redeem this? Other than that, it's the same as when it was deleted the other day...
User:Lyrithya/Ow, my brain/1 - And this as well.
User:Lyrithya/Ow, my brain/2 - And this.
User:Lyrithya/Ow, my brain - This too.
User:Lyrithya/Template:Fed up with userboxes (redirect) (delete) - Be a dear and kill this for me.
Bible (video game)
Crazy frogs that like to feed on faetus' - ...mommy?
Wall steet journal
The Battle of Tim Burton Island
Talk:Liquid Tension Experiment

19th October

Weeping angels
Timmy the ranga
UnNews:British to relaunch the Victory as defence cuts bite deep (redirect) (delete) - Headline was shortened
Uncyclopedia's Most Wanted
Dodge Challenger
UnNews:Professional Hold'em player Johnny Chan successfully reads Lady Gaga's poker face (redirect) (delete) - Headline was shortened
UnNews:Liverpool v Dallas Cowboy Owners game goes into extra legal time (redirect) (delete) - Headline was shortened
UnNews:Liverpool v Dallas Cowboy Owners game goes into extra legal time Liverpool v Dallas Cowboys Owners goes into overtime (redirect) (delete) - lapsus dedis
Tony Romo is a Bitch
UnBooks:AroundTheWorldInEightDays Unneeded redirect page.
Child molestor Just one tired, overused, joke.

October 18 - Je t'adore, ich liebe dich

Jack howett
The glass is half empty and half full.
Game:Zork Pwned/PvP/Pi the Stupid Pie Lover Who Thinks Tom Cruise Sucks
Be not Circumcised
Neal Arnold - vanity?
UnNews:Shit That Pisses Me Off -Juggalos
Template:Aan list
Template:Cajek block - is this needed?
Template:BOOP! - unused crap
Zoe Hodgden
Panda God
Sheogorath - Author request (see here).
Wonder Ball

October 17 - UNHAPPY DAY!!!!!

File:UnTunes.svg author request
Bryce Depak Andrews
Concrete snake.
Forum talk:Last person to edit wins (redirect) (delete) - I think I messed up...
The Annoying Orange
Cupcake family
HowTo:Spot A Cracker
Kill All Crackers
Honkies: Why We Hate Them
Why? Exterminate White Folk
Barrington, RI
User:Zheliel/Talk;talk:talk (redirect) (delete)
Chodin (redirect) (delete)
Ansoo (redirect) (delete)

October 16 - HAPPY DAY!!!!!

Interstate 5555
Jordan Frate
Tyler Sabo
HowTo:Grow extra arms
Alex may
Dill Pickle Doritos
Mewtwo's bitch 
If - short crap, and it asks to not exist
Heart attack
Roll (redirect) (delete)
Mr. Knapton - shortcrap
East Poofland
East Poofland
What percentage of americans can point america out on a map?

October 15 - A clockwork satsuma

What percentage of americans can point america out on a map?
Chris Steele
Top 100 ways to feel better about yourself
Pd. 4 
Garry Oldbag

October 14 - Start your engines...

Toyota Camry - Two liner page, minimal content
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/Whipped cream looks....yummy - Unless there's some reason to keep this...
[email protected] Wiki

October 13

Alexander Hamilton
File:Noob army.png - Let's just say I accidentally uploaded this and not get into what actually happened...
Total War
File:Images 2.jpg
‎Wikia New Look
Arsonal Sperm Society(A.S.S.)
Template:Wilde/Bowling - Single-use template, transcluded using the VFD-deleted {OWQ}
Template:Wilde/Java - same as above
Template:Wilde/Nuclear explosion - same as above
        No, hold on, there seems to be a Digest of Quotations that may also call the above
Romio and juliet
File:EVIL 2.jpg - Goes with Page below.
File:EVIL.jpg - Goes with page below.
Tom Satanist Reed - WIP, but it looks like vanity.
List of ps3 games
Ooga Booga

October 12

UnNews:Bear shits in Vatican? - Anon creates awful not-quite-news under the old name of a renamed article
UnNews:Cream the Rabbit Turns Into A Mutant - See UnNews:Newsroom sec. 8
Bend - null
Professor Fuck Monkey
Allison the (hater/crackhead colombian nice person who kills peopel who eat her) Montoya!
Harley Youtzy
Tim Haslam
Mr Golding
BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo
Write my essay
Spencer Morrison
Dylan wood
History of PEE!!! Derelict redirect.
Adventure time with Fin and Jake
David barton

October 11 - October Tide

UnNews:Bear shits in Vatican? - Headline changed with author's permission
Enji Benji
Set a grue on opponent
World War One and A Half
UnNews:Babies found to be source of all evil
PKAA (Professional Knitting Association of America) (redirect) (delete) - ICU'd
Template:Wilde/Linux Incorporated - Text manually copied into the single article for which it was designed - See {OWQ} on VFD
Category:The midgets of greedo
Category:Pages with extra versions
Ben Trotter
Paula the prostitute
Barney Bunch
AH.... AHH....

October 10 - "Is it morally unacceptable to fuck naked?" Answer: Yes, yes it is.

UnNews:Babies found to be source of all evil
Kinetic Flow - Just feels like vanity. Or stupid, at very least.
Paula the prostitute
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/5 Things Cracked Stole From Uncyclopedia - Duplicate pee entry thing. 
Fuck ChiefjusticeDS - WTF.
Flying cars

October 8 - Insert funny here

Uncyclopedia Talk: War
Uncyclopedia: War
UnNews:British Prime Minister evokes memory of man with the walrus moustache (redirect) (delete) - made headline snappier

October 7 - Let's laser our way through

Penis shaped iceberg
Condoleezza Rice ack! 
Justin bebier
Niggle - Hmm. Dunno about this. You could add an ICU and see what happens.
Uncyclopedia:VFH/Pingu (2nd nomination) - Some IP making the same mistake as DJ Mixerr

October 6: What's love got to do, Got to do with it?

UnNews:Jesus Brings Cremated Man Back From Dead (redirect) (delete) -- No initial caps in UnNews titles
UnPoetia:Poems that don't rhyme
UnPoetia:Necromancer's Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary
Colorado Avalanche
File:World map red dots.gif
The Monkey Monkey Sad Sad Bang Song
The swinney - vanity?
Chris pugh - cyberbullying?
Llama God - blanked by author
Misha kugler - possible vanity?
UnNews:Vote Vick Rattlehead for Presidnt 2012!‎ (redirect) (delete) - Rulebreaking Anon; rationale for a second QVFD deletion is in its VFH nom
   --That was just the link, but cancel my request, as Sycamore has now adopted the article. --Spike
File:Shitpicklebirth.jpg - Unused image
Some chick you've never heard of
Some Chick You Dont Give A Damn About (redirect) (delete)
Category:User:Vick Rattlehead
Cool Whip

October 5 - Don't call me Shirley

Rotting process of a Walloon 
Lolige <-- smells like cyberbullying to me
I FUCKED YOUR DOG - Admitting to Beastiality. *tsk* *tsk*
Image:Warmap.jpg Hard to work with version of the file I'm using.
World Peace 2
Whitley Streiber
Night Vision - user tried to add the construction tag. Let's give them a chance (and then huff it in a week)

October 4 - Cake, that is all

UnNews:Vote Vick Rattlehead for Presidnt 2012! - Anon writes UnNews not based on news nor looking like news, then asks for a Pee to avoid deletion - Abuse of process
Template:TAOAGhouse completely unused, looks a game relic *last part of the completely unused templates*
Template:TAOAGkitchen per above
Template:Table unused, no work instructions
Template:l33tness unused comment template
Template:TheRoom unused game relic
Template:The Number of the Beast unused comment template
Template:Thepublicenemy unused, vanity, and these tend to be self-defeating
Template:Thom yorke unused comment template
Template:Tigermaul unused comment template
Template:Tough unused comment template
Template:Trailertrash per above
Template:Translate unused, broke, & foreign
Template:Trgcmd unused, looks like a game relic
Template:Trgopt per above
Template:Turnabouter per above
Template:UBAE unused, looks abandoned whatever it is
Template:Turd Rewrite unused crappy wanna-be rewrite template
Template:Uncyclify unused pseudo-maintenance template
Template:Unsane unused comment template
Template:WARNING unused WARNING template
Template:Wannabe Brit unused comment template
Template:WikipediaRickRoll unused joke template
Template:Wikipedia ö unused diacritic vomit
Template:World Cup 2010 unused, plain text, looks like an unstarted nav. template
Template:X360zorkdied unused, looks like a game wondering into templatespace
Template:YITI unused formatting template
Template:YITIheader unused deleted game relic
Template:Zhelieln unused, plain text, vanity?
Template:Zhelilifinish per above, over a year old, so I assume its abandoned
Template:Zimcheck unused joke template
Template:Zork4header unused, probably deleted game relic
Template:Zork5died unused, game wondering into templatespace?
Template:Zork5died-pvp per above
Template:Zork5header unused probably deleted game relic
Template:Zork pwned beaten unused, plain text
Template:Zorkrewrite unused rewrite template
Template:หน้าหลัก-สารบัญ/lo unused, foreign
Template:หน้าหลัก-ส่วนหัว/lo per above
Template:หน้าหลัก-แนะนำ/lo per above
Template:ไร้ข่าวด่วน/lo per above *end of this template vomit
Duke nukem forever
 Template:HOUR only used on list-o-templates, broke as fuck *more quasi-unused templates
Template:Punchline used only on list-o-templates, fogotten madlip template apparently
Template:Randomquote/femaleperson per above
Template:Oscarl used only on list-o-templates *begin list of effectively unused templates
Template:GamingSystem per above
Template:Campaignbox Alresford War per above
Template:Infobox Team per above
Template:Infobox OS 2 per above
Template:Infobox OS per above
Template:Infobox hurricane per above
Template:Infobox Gazzman per above
Template:Infobox Broadcast per above
Template:Infobox Radio Show per above & broken
Template:Infobox Philippine president/alive" per above, but blank instead of broken
Template:Uncyclopedia DIY on list-o-templates & 1 userpage
Template:Portal:Euroipods/Intro per above
Template:Santa per above
Template:Morpheus per above
Template:Problem per above
Template:Infobox Biography per above
Template:Randquotedef per above & broken
Template:One Week on 2 lists of templates & 1 userpage
Template:Wildezh on list-o-templates & 1 page (but its foriegn)
Scooby-Doo Fruit Flavored Snacks
Slapping your dick on the keyboard
Template:Singapore Infobox per below
Template:Infobox Upholder of the Free Press per below 
Template:Iraq Infobox per below
Template:Infobox Norway per below
Template:Federal subject of Russia used only on the list of templates
Template:Infobox Television only used on 1 userpage, broken several ways apparently, no instructions
Template:Infobox Automobile broken, used only on our lists of templates and in itself. *end of list of unused templates
ID founding sentence
World War VII
Magikarp - Too thick - who is Nathan?
Epic randomness
ID founding sentence
Adam Lambert - Spork I'm just a retard--Sycamore  (Talk)   09:50, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

October 3 - some more of Samoa

13800000000 BC
Man-Eating Giraffe created by a blanker
template:Virginias link rotted navigation template, worse than it looks at a glance
Template:Napoleanic single use random pseudo-commonwealth template
Template:MadMax per below
Template:Florida link-rotted navigation template, links to only 1 city
Category:North Carolina county navigational boxes per below
Category:Surry County, North Carolina only content is the template below
Template:US county navigation box broken template, only used once, and that is inside itself, causing a template loop error
Dr Feelgood (redirect) (delete)
Joshua Paul White - vanity?
Maya & Miguel

October 2 - and then some

User:Lyrithya/Silver - I give up.
Het Huis Anubis
Template:Lowercase letter unused joke template, doesn't do what it says ***Unused probably delete-worthy templates L to S***
Template:MarylandCities unused, semi-blanked by author
Template:Mediawikineed help unused, plain text
Template:Miniplenty unused, only link if from Hype's list of templates to delete
Template:Misunderstood unused comment template 
Template:Move unused, looks like an "unoffical" maintenance type template, might be useful, but I generally think discussions about an article should take place on the talk page
Template:Muslimextermination unused comment template, the whole wiki is part of Jewish Plot to Exterminate Muslims *it is --~http://images.wikia.com/uncyclopedia/images/f/f6/Jewriken.GIF 20:31, October 2, 2010 (UTC) *
Template:NFP, unused psuedo-award template
Template:NPC Summary unused, looks broken
Template:NVFD unused parody of the deletion template
Template:Natalie Perez unused ***BUTT POOP!!!!*** i.e. an article (QVFD bad) hiding in template space
Template:New casualties unused "new messages" parody
Template:Nihilism unused, not funny even for a template
Template:Nm unused, wikipedia spork
Template:No Escape unused pseudo-warning template, uglier than average
Template:No Pr0n!!! unused template that instructs the reader not to bring pr0n, however, such templates seem to be counter-productive
Template:Not Enough Gravy unused, stupid comment template that clearly needs more gravy
Template:Off-topic unused, ugly insulting wannabe-rewrite template
Template:Opac unused, doesn't appear to work
template:Overlay unused doesn't appear to work
Template:Penis stub unused stub template, penis lol!
Template:Pictures unused, unfinished, and I think we already have a template for this
Template:Piece of Crap unused insulting wannabe-rewite template, also, it gots bad grammar
Template:Ponies unused, between a random and a comment template
Template:Prayers unused advisory template
Template:Preferences unused joke/clutter template
Template:R lee Ermey Hates unused, insult template
Template:Randquotedef3 unused, broken random quote generator
Template:Rb unused utility template, doesn't say what it does if it does anything
Template:Readable unused template
Template:Readmesoon/quest unused, looks like a personal template accidentally placed in mainspace, I could see moving it to userspace, but its unused after 2 years
Template:Readmesoon/thanks per above
Template:Readmesoon/thanks per above
Template:Red State unused written by template
Template:Redmond unused BUTT POOP!!!!, i.e. bad article hiding in template space (not that bad a page, moved to Redmond)
Template:ReductioChristian unused written by template
Template:Relationship single unused joke template
Template:Roulette Zork page that moved into templatespace for some reason, this could be moved into the correct space, but I'm too lazy to do so at the moment
Template:Russian per above
Template:Russian Reversal2 unused narrow quote template
Template:SF Nickname unused random template
Template:Scaredoremo unused comment template
Template:Seal unused award/comment template
Template:Seamonster unused comment template
Template:Shiningstub unused rewrite template, not that bad, but it is unused and not linked to the rewrite/fixing categories
Template:ShowHide unused gibberish template
Template:SnortingCocaine unused comment template, also has a few redirects
Template:Sophisticated unused comment/wannabe-rewrite template
Template:Soundboard unused comment template
Template:Spanish Taxobox unused infobox in SPANISH
Template:States and Territories of India unused, broken apparently
Template:Stub-section unused, I don't see it being useful anywhere, end of template vomit
The Almighty Badger
Justin Bieber. The guy NOT to be.

October 1 - Enslaved released a new album a few days ago

Template:3Blackjack unused, ip creation, looks abandoned *list on unused templates that probably shouldn't exist
Template:Abwyouhavedied unused, was to a deleted game apparently
Template:Ad/popup unused, annoying as fuck
Template:Adventureinfintedead unused, relic of deleted game apparently
Template:American UKer unused userbox
Template:Autism unused comment template
Template:Badge of Authority unused userpage template
Template:Balls unused, bigger than your mom, and WTF?
Template:Bed unused, some of sort of insult, perverse instruction, and/or pointless comment template
Template:Beenproveread unused, ip creation, wrong format for what it tries to do
Template:Benefits unused, gives incorrect/random instructions
Template:Cliche unused, cliche
Template:Colorbox unused utility template
Template:Currentyear unused, coding is piss-poor
Template:DNSdied unused relic of a deleted game
Template:Darwin unused, this is a joke template, not a real merge template
Template:DestroyedForSafety unused and unlinked to, was archived for some reason
Template:Earthquake unused, I don't see anyone ever using or even finding this
Template:Fix-inline unused, don't know what it does or if it even works, may have once used on Plagiarism 
Template:FixWP per above
Template:Geometric unused, coding errors, pointless even if fixed
Template:Grue Clock unused, steals flash from another website
Template:Grueheader unused, apparently a relic of a deleted game
Template:Gundeath unused but linked to once, apparently Zork going into template space, I'd suggest moving it if you feel industrious
Template:Gunpoint per above
Template:HalfLifeChars unused by linked to, better template at {{Valve}} perhaps redirecting is in order?
Template:Headache unused wannabe rewrite template, give me a headache
Template:Highvoltage unused userspace template, broken, retarded
Template:History of France unused "sectional" template, mostly doesn't link to articles about France, but related topics
Template:Hswp unused retarded comment template
Template:Human unused comment template
Template:IEZorkheader unused, apparently a relic of a deleted game
Template:Incredibly fast counter unused 
Template:Infobox Brand unused BUTT POOP!!!!, i.e. hiding a random article in template space
Template:Infobox Dam unused, I don't see anyone ever using this
Template:Infobox Election unused, no documentation, wikipedia spork maybe
Template:Infobox Denmark unused, abandoned infobox, Denmark is currently using the generic {{Infobox Country}} template
Template:Infobox Governor unused infobox, probably will never be used, this one is questionable
Template:Infobox Indian Jurisdiction unused, looks like a wikipedia spork, no instructions, 
Template:Infobox Korean city unused, filled with red links and places for foriegn characters, I don't see this ever being used
Template:Infobox MLB Player unused, I didn't know templates could get that broken
Template:Infobox MS Dos unused, not an infobox, and only barely a template
Template:Infobox Mental Disorder unused, effectively blanked by author
Template:Infobox Micronation, unused, broken apparently
Template:Infobox Mountain Pass unused, what are the odds that someone will write an article about a mountain pass?
Template:Infobox Production Company unused, creator didn't know what he was doing apparently
Template:Infobox Production Company2 unused, blanked by author
Template:Infobox Scotland unused, replaced by a much better looking {{Infobox Country}} template in "Scotland"
Template:Infobox Settlement unused, broken, apparently a wikipedia spork
Template:Infobox TV channel unused, no work instructions
Template:Infobox Tennis player unused, probably won't be used anywhere
Template:Infobox Television wikipedia, unused, blanked by author
Template:Infobox animanga unused, maybe a wikipedia spork, I have no idea what it does
Template:Infobox VG unused, creator didn't know what he was doing apparently
Template:Infobox election unused, probably a wikipedia spork, no work instructions
Template:Inprogress unused, cyber-bullies an admin
Template:Insufficient Gravy unused, big-assed extra-retarded comment template
Template:Invalid unused, insulting wannabe rewrite template
Template:Jack O'Neill unused poorly done quote template, puts articles in a non-existant category
Template:Janitor unused approves template
Template:JimboPeeking unused, not sure if it works or not
Template:Kill all evil, Purge the World!, unused just text
Template:Killevilwidget per above
Template:Klingon  unused userspace template
Template:Korea unused comment template
Template:KuzlalalaTB unused, not quite sure how it works *End template purge