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March 31: Don't get your curls in an uproar.

User:Lollipop/Penis - I really do not want this anymore. Please get rid of it. --User:Lollipop/aprilfoolssig 02:19, April 1, 2011 (UTC)
Iron Chef Africa
Category:Fruit and vegetable characters - IP needs to learn itself some formatting
Pacific Rim Economic Alliance Conspiracy
Veggie Tales - VFD before, recreated by IP and SHIT.
Boian ICU'ed.  http://images.wikia.com/uncyclopedia/images/b/bf/Tinymasaru.gifpillow talk 21:51, March 31, 2011 (UTC)
Schlumberger ICU'ed.  http://images.wikia.com/uncyclopedia/images/b/bf/Tinymasaru.gifpillow talk 21:52, March 31, 2011 (UTC)
Mitias - A 9 year old boy who thinks flatulence is funny.
File talk:Treeocto.jpg
Dean baker
Lee ashmore
14th amendment
File:Cc-by white.svg
Richard brothers
Marco Cordara
Lewis jones
Jack coull
MoneyCenter Plymouth
Ham Solo - Empty
Pansexual - ...
HowTo:Grow your own Exploding carrots Already here

March 30: If only it wasn't for these meddling admins, I could do so much.

UnNews:Dictator still clings to power Mercy move maybe?
David Medrano
Paolo Coelho
Wiz khalifa
Claire Ehr
Philip larter
Dung vole (Rargisan ditneii) ICU'ed.  http://images.wikia.com/uncyclopedia/images/b/bf/Tinymasaru.gifpillow talk 16:10, March 30, 2011 (UTC)
Robert Medina
Joon ha lee
Julius kaden
Gyles coker

March 29: Just say no.

Steve Russell
Wikipedian Liberal Agenda - Meh. This is my bad idea/stub.
File:Urmom_728x80.jpg – Unused, and uploaded by Mr. Messing-with-templates 
Kimberley Dawn Podesta
Andy watson
Cai palmer
Trolls? Deal With It
James schoneman
James schoneman
Jon-Carlo Manzo
Hairy Otter
Tyrannosaurus rex - Well, my fault... Fucking hyper socks...

March 28: Canadian Christmas

The Roxy Video - lolwat
Inside Dr Who clearly hasn't read HTBFANJS That's one for the ICU. http://images.wikia.com/uncyclopedia/images/b/bf/Tinymasaru.gifpillow talk 23:36, March 28, 2011 (UTC)
File:Zf0.jpg - Unused image. Not really! http://images.wikia.com/uncyclopedia/images/b/bf/Tinymasaru.gifpillow talk 23:36, March 28, 2011 (UTC)
Myles sweeney
Matt Hardie
Walrus Stalin
A page thats still under construction but its gonna be real good - I highly doubt this, looking at its contents...
User:JackOfSpades/WiP/Baseball Don't know what in the hell I was thinking.

March 27: 100 reasons to ban Lyrithya day

Chauncey billups
Mike rosenberger
Golspie - Too old.  Take it to VFD if necessary.  http://images.wikia.com/uncyclopedia/images/b/bf/Tinymasaru.gifpillow talk 04:16, March 28, 2011 (UTC)
Error 404 - Page not found
File:Spider pig.jpg - Duplicate image.
User talk:FatWhitePeopleAreCool - Banned vandal, simply I welcome message before I realised what we was! (Old) 
Wikimpedia - Wikipedia duplicate, IP being an idiot.
User:Frosty/100 reasons to ban Lyrithya - Page complete and in mainspace, redirect can be deleted, same with the talk page. Reverted
Kris weston - WiP tagged.  http://images.wikia.com/uncyclopedia/images/b/bf/Tinymasaru.gifpillow talk 04:17, March 28, 2011 (UTC)

March 26: And then the panic settles in... it settles in... settling... settling...

File:Lolliflix.png - Making a gif one, the png has no purpose.
Daniel bryan
Wayne chung
Chick-fil-a Six-grain Buns Massacre - OMGWTFLOLICU - I'm not just another n00b...oh wait, I am. LOL vandalz   15:13, March 26, 2011 (UTC)
UnNews:New trend in America's backyard grilling - Anon started and then went to sleep; ICU not enough
Peguins breeded with elephants

March 25: My peace sign is bigger than yours.

Lewis harper
Nicholas attfield - User:Wilytank/Ugh
User:Bhind45/Ashley Noal Sorry to pick on you but cyber-bullying and all that...
Herbert moon

March 24: Anything you say or do may be added to the list.

Slundog millionare
Science of christianity
666 (number)
Chris wonkas
Terry Jones
Walnut Creek
Gus tetzloff
Skyler Ackerman
One direction
Justin lewis
Zac Robbins
Stephen Flowers
Drew Vissicchio
UnPoetia:Almost a Haiku
Jon Jones
North Daquota (redirect) (delete) - No one's actually going to type this and the meat is now in North Dakota.
File:Warpedtour.gif This too.
User:JackOfSpades/Vans Warped Tour conspires against San Deigo college student Thought this was already gone.
Cookie Crap
HowTo:be a carver again
Nicolas D'Amico

March 23: The aliens aren't real until you make them up.

Gulf Breeze
HowTo:be a carver You so funny
The Italian Job
Ryan garthoff
UnNews:Michael Jackson
Template talk:Worst100/
Kirkby ICU
General cornroll wallace - lolwut?
Jutin Beiber
Carmelo anthony
Microsoft Visual Basic

March 22: There is no memory before forgetting

Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/Why?:College is for suckers! (Last revision) Article already on Pee Review.
Cris valenzuela
Tuo Chen - Vanity. And somebody is tagging vanity with ICUs for some reason...
Patrickus geigerus
Find an Asian wife
Karin Verite - Vanity. Construction tag doesn't apply.
Twisted metal
Hot Asian Porn
Jew bagel
Jakie chan
File:Lewis lol.JPG
Lewis egan
Lou and Andy
Liam Komoschky

March 21: Odd, qvfd is still here...

De jong
Valencia FC
Danny Bonaduce
Danny Bonaduce
Mila Kunis - too hot
Erica foley
User:Sonic80/rebeccablack - redirect
David draimen - wooo
Bijoy Babu
Colonel gaddafi
Log out (redirect) (delete) - Not needed
Jordan Dean - ...
Raihan uddin - Cyberbullying
Rugby leage
User:Bleep - Created by a different user, just calling him/her a retard
Riding the Tornado
The Dead Milkmen
Graduate employabilty skills
Hannah balansag

March 20: Today the Japanese nuclear plant implodes

Ojamajo Doremi - WP
Jimmy+Timmy Power Hour
Template:Death date and age - Check who created stuff before you add it here, pages created by administrators should not be added here. --ChiefjusticeDS 15:23, March 20, 2011 (UTC)
Oak Park Mall
Do not

March 19: Some header here

User:Lizzy96 - IP created, could be the user's IP, but meh...
Salim Nauzeer - This is dumb
Burke and hare
Minor adjustment - Ban this guy.
John wall
File:01 - Carry On Wayward Son.mp3 - Unused song/copyright violation with no purpose.
Uncyclopedia:VFH/Geocities - This is a joke that got out of hand. - I'm not just another n00b...oh wait, I am. LOL vandalz   16:51, March 19, 2011 (UTC) Vote against to get rid of it. --ChiefjusticeDS 17:26, March 19, 2011 (UTC)
Nikita Khruschev
Grand Theft Auto: Cartoon City
File:LiamKissingBono.jpg - I've removed this from the article. Get rid of it before somebody puts it back
User:Another n00b/Badgame/Alien Hunt - By request of Author. - I'm not just another n00b...oh wait, I am. LOL vandalz   10:43, March 19, 2011 (UTC)
IPad 3
File:Deadoldlady.JPG ~ I don't need this anymore. --User:Magic man/sig 01:00, March 19, 2011 (UTC)

March 18: Boobs. That is all.

User:Another_n00b/Zork Shareware/mainpage - By request of author. - I'm not just another n00b...oh wait, I am. LOL vandalz   22:24, March 18, 2011 (UTC)
Dexter labortory
Shane Churchill
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/Game:On the Run/Chat - Did it wrong.
Link rot
Obafemi martins
List of Rutle Albums
It's friday
Admir Ibisevic
Forum:On the Run - No need for it, i'll be rigging up a better chat souce. --User:Lollipop/sig 04:17, March 18, 2011 (UTC)

March 17: And only the cat remains, washing atop their grave.

Chat X
Felching (redirect) (delete)
Ryan Brenek
Payday tomorrow You aint neva lie 91 - Attempt to rip people off.
Blinky bill
Felix Shen
Andrew potter‎
Template:OTRmagicword - Delete OTRmagicword, not the page it redirects to.
File:Nachlader.png - I requested this be deleted you goddamn niggers
User:Nachlader/Now, how about that number, sweetheart? NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER

March 16 ~ "I intend to live forever, or die trying." ~ Groucho Marx

South bend indiana - Already an article on this.
Harry baals memorial building
Nuk noo - What?
Family Ties
Sperm-poop - wa
Sperm pizza
Uncyclopedia:VFH/Bill Nye the Science Guy
User:Mrthejazz/Marcel Duchamp, master of ready mades Neither is needed anymore, seeing as how they were put on 
mainspace under everyone's noses during the great and oblivious mass image exodus. *shifty eyes* mrthejazz I don't know if this image is the right size, but I'm trying. (please talk to me i'm lonely.) 06:23, March 16, 2011 (UTC)
User:Mrthejazz/Marcel Duchamp, master of ready mades: A retrospective
Christina Grimmie
Headcrab Zombie

March 15: What is this radioactive squid fish?

File:IB Chemistry Test Page.png
Type C Blood
Template:Lucyfer (redirect) (delete) Moved this to his user space
User:Maniac mcpee/Fuck Lyrithya - AAAAKKKK!!! Kill it! Kill it! Kill it! --User:Lollipop/sig 00:50, March 15, 2011 (UTC)
I wonder who made that page? Definitely not lollipop, he's so nice. User:Fudgemobile/sig1 03:18, March 15, 2011 (UTC)
 Me? Nice? I actually did make that page in my n00bish Maniac mcpee days. --User:Lollipop/sig 03:42, March 15, 2011 (UTC)

March 14: I applied some talc and... it's a load off my mind.

User:Lollipop/UncyclopediaTV - Author request. --User:Lollipop/sig 00:42, March 15, 2011 (UTC)
UnNews:Japan's human toll rises, but everything's okay (redirect) (delete) - Renamed by Spike
Mr winkler is GAY - lolno. --ChiefjusticeDS 21:45, March 14, 2011 (UTC)
Rebecca black - I hate this girl because Thursday comes before Friday and then it's Saturday and then Sunday is the next day.
Rednecks THE END
User:Another n00b/9 - By request of Author. - {{User:Another n00b/sig}]
Rednecks plot to destroy the world
Bears vs. Unicorns Conflict - The real loser here was the IP that wrote it.
Samantha Chang
Wiki-pedia - copy of wikipedia
Dexter Mwiinga
Adam beck
Table tree 

March 13: In satire, irony is militant.

That guy with the glasses
Headcrab Zombie
Template:WikipediaOnce - Wat???
Image Orphanage - a noble cause
Regia anglorum
Moosen Finally something not on Ben D. Inder
Benjamin D. Inder Third time's the charm.
Benjamin D. Inder - vanny
Amelia Earhart Sandra Day O'Conner
Benjamin D. Inder Tells us it's vanity. How nice.

March 12: Our main datacenter is down, you are accessing our backup datacenter. We are working to fix the problem

Dog Star
Tiny temper
John Hancock
The Fresh Prince of Bangladesh - Ah, fuck it. This is vanity, not a clever spin-off of my show.
Roberto mancini - the only thing thats funny here is how it fails.
Lexicon (planet) (redirect) (delete) - redirect of huffed article
Lyrithya (redirect) (delete) - Mainspace redirect to a userpage. Wasn't even created by said user.
Deacon Bautista (redirect) (delete) - redirect of huffed article
User:Another n00b/scouseTranslator - By request of author. - I'm not just another n00b...oh wait, I am. LOL vandalz 
Category:War images was redirecting category (category redirects don't work)
File:Lower Res copy.jpg - This disturbs me... o_O
Kentucky wildcats
Daniel tosh
User talk:Blasphemetheus - Created by IP with a welcome message.
   Meh, I rewelcomed it. Problem solved. I guess. ~ Isarra *shifty eyes* 05:29, 12 March 2011 
Ozzy Ozbourne totally necessary redirect
Smelly ankles
Smelly shoes

March 11: Happiness will prevail.

View Source - By Request of Author. - I'm not just another n00b...oh wait, I am. LOL vandalz 
User:Another n00b/Edit this page!! - By Request of Author. - I'm not just another n00b...oh wait, I am. LOL vandalz 
Why?: You shouldn't edit this page - By request of Author. - I'm not just another n00b...oh wait, I am. LOL vandalz 
Ozzy ozbourne
Paul levitt
Template:E moondo broken, unused
The Trail of Tears
Category:Butt cat redirect, which don't work
Maja Sjöstrand - Not english
Adam Hewitt
Thomas atkinson
Adam hewitt
Talk:100 worst inventions - Talk page for a redirect, forget to sort it out when I moved said page
UnPoetia: The Calculator - Moved page, redirect not required
Sam payne - Blanked by author, crap before hand anyway.
Of any slow electronic devices 93 - Nothing passes the time better in english class than reporting spam
Seems like they want Money for the wrong reason 43 - Spam
What is a squeezebox touch
Stoat Molesting
Tomas Albergo - UN:N

March 10: Coastal wetlands defeat oil rig.

Pope check Deleted 100 million times already cuz UN:CM
Matthew nittolo
The fresh prince of bangladesh - meh, it may get better
Dax Shepard - who?
Reset ja 7 - Spam
Environmental Consulting
Jake nowak
M knight sylaham

March 9: Alas, poor qvfd; I knew it well...

Dainel tosh
File:Graph of Oil Prices.png
File:123456.jpg - Shock image. - I'm not just another n00b...oh wait, I am. LOL vandalz 
    You're shocked by a vagina? Sir SockySexy girls.jpg Mermaid with dolphin.jpg Tired Marilyn Monroe.jpg (talk) (stalk)Magnemite.gif Icons-flag-be.png GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotY 16:19, 9 March 2011
      You aren't? Image use policy says it is a no no, especially when it is unused. --ChiefjusticeDS 16:23, March 9, 2011 (UTC)
Jordan st jean - cyberbullying?
Vipeak grinder mill
Vipeak crusher
Vipeak wut?
File:L1024346.jpg - This disturbs me greatly o_O
Megan gale
Category:Lady parts capitals and all
Jesse Austin
Epic almost blank page
Epic blmost blank page

March 8: The day the day was a day what day?

Buffy Israelism
Tony martin
Andrew potter
Maria ozawa
A V has used the Magento Shipping Cost Matrix extension 42 - eh

March 7: I AM THE KING!

Bad hair cut
Andrew bronk
Human Funk Deficiency Virus
Littleton FC
Sam woolerton
Gorge busch
Meant gump my man thanks for pointing it out lol auto correct sucks 65 - Spam
Pelham, Massachusetts - Wikipedia copy Pasting
Dryw brown - Keyboard mashing
File:Noles-golden.jpg - Pr0n
 File:Areola.jpg - Pr0n {{NSFW}} - I like boobs 
Erich Gonzales - IP recreated it again, please lock it!
Sam woolerton - vanity, cyberbullying
Jack evans - cyberbullying
Jackie robinson - Wikipedia copypasta
Jesse Owens

March 6 - Oh, the huge manatee!

 Tank Girl (ICU)
Josh muschamp - Cyberbulling
New Model Army
Directional boobs Added ICU instead to encourage the author to improve. 
The Mountain Goats - I think this is self-promotion about a band along with vanity. I'll list the article here on QVFD for now.
User:Mnbvcxz/UncyclopediaFairies user request
Penisvagina - Any questions?
File:Hand.SSS.jpg - NO IMAGE ON THE PAGE :O - Now it does
Sarah coghlan - vain
Ahh im within my old building right down the hall 3 - what
Edmonton Oilers
Mass effect 2
UnPoetia:Haiku of the Inbred - Its only 3 lines, no rhyming, not funny and oddly disturbing o.O
Dissociative Identity Disorder - Stupid one-liner Voted "Kept" on VFD.

March 5: Now that things have settled down a mite, who wants popcorn?

M1 - One liner
Midget Arson Hall of Fame - wtf?
Pokemon characters - Escaped ur notice last time
Weapons that should be made 
Cool story bro
User Talk:Another schn00b 
User:Another schn00b Redirect created by User:Starrburst - I'm not just another n00b...oh wait, I am. LOL vandalz 
Protection 1 - More spam
Alex vodinelich
It s a great day to sell insurance 76 Moved to my user space. No redirect needed.

March 4: But seriously, read the deletion policy.

Wumbo - Crap
Hormone Status Dropped Down From 69 To 27 45 - Spam
Elasticated nappies - Page has been moved, I don't redirect. k thanx byee
UnNews:Bear shits in Vatican 
Clymidia - Cyberbullying?
User:Sockpuppet of an unregistered user/Justine Bieber - unneeded Redirect - I'm not just another n00b...oh wait, I am. LOL vandalz 
Nick Nolte I believe this has been deleted before
[[:Talk:HowTo:Have safe sex with dogs]] - I moved this page to a new location, redirect not required.
File talk:Cobainime1.png - 1 page of pure emo crap.
Brittany etzi
Mind games are on the menu Now who s hungry 3
Link Scheduling 19
You spent 85 dollars on domain and hosting That appears crazy 51
Ghantola CM
Joao Proenca - Who?
3000th tweet is dedicated to 33 34 - Advertising/spam
Neko Marshall
Quebec's secret plan and the rest of canada
Conyers school
3000th tweet is dedicated to 33 34
Game:Zerg Rush - Please do something about these... at very least the actual game should be in the Game: namespace... o_O
Zerg Rush
Zerg Rush/Engine
Giblets F.C - o__o
Nooo! The End Of Us!
Cleaning your keyboard
Danny frings
Beiber Fever - And I'd like a request to prevent this from ever being made again.
Larry hartz
Ben Russell
Denver broncos
Oliver Muscatello
Ben Russel
Harry baker
Marlon Brown
Karl rembel

March 3: Insert appropriate Roman Dog Bird header here

Charlie Mackenzie
Fall Out Boy
Mat marini
Neko Marshall
Quebec's secret plan and the rest of canada stuby stub stub
Conyers school
Pokemon characters
Brittany etzi
Elliot loveday is gay
Lord Cornwallis - Construction tag added. I have a feeling about this one. Rabbi Techno Icons-flag-gb.png kvetch Icon rabbi.gif Contribs Foxicon.png FOXES 18:05, March 3, 2011 (UTC)
Easy Jet
Neil lennon
Faye reagan
Slam Dunk(manga)
Ali Berlin
Secret Page (redirect) (delete)
Culcha candela
Anthony Bench
Nick Nordgren

March 2: Today is the day to... er... honestly, hell if I know.

Matthew underwood‎
Soane vi - Nobody cares.
Katie Robbins Cyberbullying?
The 10 plagues of eygpt
Disproportional representation
User:Coronium and all subpages
User talk:Coronium User:Coronium/sig 21:10, March 2, 2011 (UTC)
Eddie Brunson
Dr. Mario
All time low
Playstation 5
Stacy ohair
Chris caldwell
Cow and cows
Cock ring
Fire extinguisher
Daniel garrett
Taylor Lautner
Air Rifle
Brett Hague
Oobi +ICU ~ If it's got an ICU on it, don't put it here.

February 2... er... March 1

Dakota miller
Gaming adictions
Duck one eyed
I want that hat
Ben webb
Raphael Sanzio
A page that contains, simply, the words "INCEST BUTTRAPE"
Christi brown
Chua Herk Yuan I think I see where this is going
MOCD - Broken redirect
Rei Hino - Broken redirect
Kelsey Jackson Williams (some idiot who edited the M. Gibson article)
River glen