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May 31st: Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

Reform Party
Melanie Phillips - Uncyc is not a place to write about your friends
User:EpicAwesomeness/Murphy's Law (video game) I'm never gonna finish this.
Mill Gates' sister
Camilla Belle (redirect) (delete) - This redirect is kinda pointless

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User:CandidToaster/A Post Apocalyptic Journal

May 30th - Hey Johnny Bravo!

Rita simons
Rita Simons
A First-hand Experience - A Day in the life of a true MALE teenager - {{ICU}} -- Zb
At Extended Stay America 81 - Not these again
User talk:Neopowell/Transmetropolitan
Sam lapointe
Pacific Island
Global studies - Contains vanity, 3 lines
Jhon howard

May 29: Uncyclopedia stinks.


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Thaksin Shinawatra - Shit copied & pasted from the mirror Uncyc.
File:Pro Islam Slogan.jpg - Another dupe of the one below.
File:Islam is NOT violent!.jpg - duplicate image mistakenly uploaded by me. --TheSlyFox
File:TEXT666.png - This keep being dumb
Talk:9-11 - Redirect talk
Internet troll - Only one line {{WIP}}
Life insurance 64 - This spam thought it could get away, BUT IT WAS WRONG!!!
Hannah anderson - Vigilance
Gay bacon
David luiz - Slipping through the net
Alex brown - UN:VAIN

May 28: Skunks stink.

Geezer Butler
User talk: - Pointless
Roger shitbag smith-miller aka fat roger
==my name is fat roger and i am going to die soon==
Gayniggers from Outer Space (redirect) (delete) - Yeah I don't think so yes, i do believe so
Sasha grey
UnNews:Projects Cancelled by Congress for Being Too Cool (redirect) (delete) - Unneeded double redirect.
Christofer Drew
Penis Piranha

May 27: Roman Dog Bird is a hippo

Andrew miller
Flygare - not funny
Bulvių sultys - - Bulvių sultys what?
Wonder Ball 
Wait hybrid cars I idea you were talking about hybrid animals 13
Santhosh Pandit - Serious bretch of UN:N
John howard
Sam is a faggot 
Hayden fudge

May 26th - The police don't stop me when I'm running through town naked at night with a bag of coke in hand

Company of heroes
Micheal wayne hoile
Abby Thompson
Osama bi laden
A Trevor
Liam bowler
Josh turville
Liam Bowler
Tristan Doody
Daniel yacoub
Battle of Stalingrad
Mosquito (redirect) (delete)
Mosquitos (redirect) (delete) 
Mosquitoes (redirect) (delete)
Creator of mosquitos (redirect) (delete)
Meghdeep ray‎

May 25: Falling and falling from a great height

Sheryl goodman
The great gatsby
Dawn House School - The author isn't going to come back anytime soon. I know how "The Game" goes. They (n00bs) never come back and edit the article they created because they think it will stay on Uncyclopedia forever. Which we all know that is not true! Trust me. Other than that, this is school cruft.

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Bucket - Rubbish. - {{WIP}}
Trent Barton - I have reason to believe this is vanity. So admins, kindly belete this article.
User:Frosty/Cool Story Bro
User:Frosty/Taking Down Encyclopedia Dramatica
User:Frosty/How to be ghetto
User:Frosty/Somer Himpson
User:Frosty/Assisted suicide
User:Frosty/Sexy rumpus
Selena Gomez
Johan Nygren
Oscar Wrangel 
Terminator Salvation
H4xx0r (redirect) (delete) 
H4Xx0rz (redirect) (delete) 
Hack (redirect) (delete)
Haxxor (redirect) (delete)
HAX (redirect) (delete)
HAXOR (redirect) (delete) 
hack (redirect) (delete) 
Hacked (redirect) (delete) 
H4x0r (redirect) (delete) 
H4XX0R (redirect) (delete)
Sheenwars (redirect) (delete)

May 24: i'm too lazy to come up with a header you come up with one

Jack Smith
Morten steen jensen
Template:Daniblovespie template - He/She didn`t mind
Alec Kirkely
Girls' Generation
Sheen Wars

May 23: This world has a basic circularity.

User:Sloublues/Stuart Little (book) (redirect) (delete)

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[[:Talk:UnBooks:The bumper book of bunny suicides]]
[[:Talk:UnBooks:The bumper book of buny suicides]]
UnBooks:Tale of Mr. Bunnsy
[[:Talk:UnBooks:Tale of Mr. Bunnsy]]
File:Taleofrabbit.xcf - I fucking hate GIMP. Hate. Destroy it.
Fr-Québec (redirect) (delete)
User:Peterpan5 - Uhh... Not again... I did something REALLY stupid.
Southeren Lehigh School Distirct

May 22: Lightning in your balls

Birthday bonus of 167 courtesy of napoleons casino Ch Ching 41 - More spam
I just compare 2 cameras to see which one is superior 76 - Spam
User talk: - I don't see how this is any use
Webster Hall - eh?
User:Frosty/Dead rising 2 - Don't know why I kept this
National Anthem of Pacificoceanland - ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
User:Frosty/RYA (redirect) (delete) - This is pointless now

May 21: Is Roman Dog Bird really 50? (Yes)

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Sign Language
Barnes Been Beyond Before But Believe Barnes, Barnes Being Bolmontious Bout Being There - Lolwut?
File:Gamer poster.jpg
Barrack obama
Percy Jackson
Artemis Fowl II

May 20: Where are the dancers, the commuters, the crowds of fishermen and jugglers?

Election of the parti quebecois
User:LHCollision Whoops.
Forum:Very Strange problem... - I fixed it myself, no need for this anymore
Mathadini, Hudini's lesser-known mathematical brother
Metrolink train
File:Bohemiangrove2.jpg - I won't need the pic for my article, I found a better one.

May 19: Can I poop on you plz?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn
UnNews:Obama bans natural health Um... this is just a bunch of alt-med PR bullshit 100% completely copypastad from http://www.examiner.com/wellness-in-atlanta/obama-signs-legislation-to-make-supplements-and-alternative-health-remedies-illegal It's a copyright violation, also not funny, not true and just stupid -- Sir Armando Perentie Icons-flag-au.png KUN  FP  15:48, May 19, 2011 (UTC)
Bagga - huh?
Every human who sees a unicycle
James eastwell

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Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/Fisher-Price (company) (re-review) (redirect) (delete)
Shut the front door

May 18: Insert metaphor as indicated in the instructions.

Hollland (redirect) (delete) - Pointless
INTJ Personality Types
INTJ Personality Types
User talk:
[[1]] Er what? --ChiefjusticeDS 14:59, May 18, 2011 (UTC)
Newport maine
The Freakin' Awesome
File:200px-Polarbear.jpg - Duplicate and unused
File:180px-Evileye trans.png - Duplicate and unused
Robo Upshaw
Robin the dancing man
Andrew shaw

May 17th - Back off! Just leave me be!

File:Picture 346.jpg - This look like somebody I know. So, Admins, please delete this. Thanks!
---It isn't you or your picture, it's fairly old, and it's used on a page. The person very well may hve taken it himself, but it's not vain.~~ Sir Ljlego, GUN  [talk] 23:39, May 17, 2011 (UTC)
Shelby Givens
Liberal nazis (redirect) (delete) - Author userspaced article, redundant redirect. -- DameViktoria  http://images.wikia.com/uncyclopedia/images/8/80/Heart_anim.gif  Grew up with a butler, cook and a nanny, she qualifies, doesn't she? -  (Contribs)  -  (Talk)  -  (Block log)  12:01, 17 May
Just recharged my credit 52
Joaquim Gaspar
Brad Francis
Ned dalziel
Mercy regonal colledge
Yaweh Bizaare stub User:Kevillips/sigwhy 02:32, May 17, 2011 (UTC)
Roger hodgson (redirect) (delete)
Talk:Slappy Squirrel - I'm completely sure a redirect doesn't need a talk page. - Dex.
Oskar rodgers

May 16: Have you ever felt like raping a chicken?

Daniel Knight
Drum Major

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Hugh paterson
Grant harris
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Paul tuck
Little miss piggy recreated crap after having been huffed.
Reginout - spam
I'm a bannana
All's Well That Ends Well (redirect) (delete)
Phillipa barr
Sam baldwin
Bob chapman

May 15: Ok I changed the header, Do I win something? (NO) (WHY FUCKING NOT!?)

Alex Rice
File:AN HERO by Osiris R.jpg
File:AnHero'sGrave.jpg‎ unneeded image.
File:Mathteacher.jpg - Duplicate image.

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Add That
Jamy Ong - page advertising a YouTube singer and is unfunny.
Joel - Umm.... It`s pretty short to be a disambigation.

May 14: Check off each item as we don't come to it

Loren Bouchard - More wikipedia
Home Movies - Wikipedia stuff
Champaign - Nobody cares about Illinois.
File:800px-Pain5.jpg - I haven't even looked at this yet, but i've seen what this user is doing, so I don'ttrust this image.  
The short stories that took place in the james watson school - wtf?
User talk:Sujan99 - SPAM
Paola malta
Hannah balansag
Logging in Canada - see also lumberjack

May 13: Mommy's alright, daddy's alright, they just seem a little weeeeiiiiirrrrrrrddddddd

Carl Reddington - Cyberbullying (ignore the from Wikipedia part)

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User:Hyperbole/Public domain - Fucking c&p'ed to mainspace bitches
File:Monster house ver3.jpg - No longer used, but still crap
John Lopez Is Awesome And Shiva is Not
Franjo Tuđman
Edwin Van Duh Bar
User: err.... $ i guess

May 12: To move is to choose.

Ice beaner
Subtropical cyclone

May 11: Do we have to make you a list?

Partyy Mouse - Editing while drunk is a horrible idea. Mistake. Sorry 'bout that. 
Brian mcfarland

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Sperm Gargling
Birtday sex

May 10: As clear as hen's teeth...

Paula Abdul
Wild Krapps
James Pritsker
Dallan Baker
Hollow Man
Army of Two: The 40th Day
George mattison - This kid masturbated to me once.
File:Donald no Naku Koro ni Rika.jpg
Ritwik nandakumar
B.B. King
Lightning And Jihl Sex Scandal

May 9: Solve the mystery, save the princess.

Portal 2
Colton Lund - Vanity
HowTo: make amazing fried chicken
File:168908 10150094793654457 197177969456 6118149 7022854 n-1.JPEG
Colton Lund
User:TheHumbucker/UnNews Template DPL
Gears of war 2
Gears of war 3
Gears of War 3
Spanish Fly
August Strindberg
Lottie Knutsson
Mountain Parkway
Charlie kelly
Cienega high school
Karan jain
Caroline master

May 8: Please refer to the manual.

Cayla Burdick
Johnny gunz
Uncyclopedia talk:Poker Night (redirect) (delete)
Air Jordan
Talk:They killed my article! - Orphaned Talk Page
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/Stupid Cats (again) - Already on Pee

May 7: This is the place to be for the end of the world show.

Sonya Blade
No - This needs to go to CVP.
Roger Walasiak - CRUFT, CRUFT, CRUFT!
Northwestern university
Colonel Muammar Gaddafi

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Renee Zellweger
Squeeze band - Bunch of redlinks. I know.
User:Oxdoc - Cyberbullying
Chuck Taylor

May 6: Suck my delicious lollicock

File:Easy button.jpg - User request. --User:Lollipop/sig2 22:29, 6 May 2011 
The bleak album

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Honey badger Has an ICU on it. Look before you add. --ChiefjusticeDS 21:41, May 6, 2011 (UTC)
User:DJ Mixerr/Worst 100 Government Policies of All-Time2 - RabbiTechno, I've already put this in userspace. There's no need for this user article.
No Pants Day
Pastafarian Sex
Squeeze band
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely I ♥ Huckabees Club Band
Roger hodgson

File:Brady bunch hour 1977.jpg
Cone theory
Double double this this, double double that that
Creepers of the world

May 5: Ban everyone day, especially Frosty

Worst 100 People Ever - Dead end redirect.
Brave heart
Nelson mandella - null
Underage coutis
Garibaldi biscuit - I don't think so
WWV (redirect) (delete)
Template:Pär and Glen
Robert Lunn
Josh harvey
File:NAFTAstan-small.jpg not needed
File:Super Big Mega Laser.JPG I hate leftovers... - Doesn't exist

May 4th - The king is dead

Snakes and ladders
Holy family catholic school
UnScripts:Game Namespace-er (redirect) (delete)

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Vicky morgan
Cape Verde
Victora temple
Raoul surie - Vanity, now in Dutch.
Divs dug riley
Look like her face is HGH Lmaooooo and is a bottymon lmfao 50
File:Lollipopbirthdaycard(no penis).jpg ~ I don't need this anymore.
Bacchus Marsh
Geneseo, Illinois
Hel;l - Copypast Wikipedia!
File:Pack-A-Punch.jpg Terminal image cache problem.

May 3:I miss PENIS...

Ahmed Mifxal - Vanity.
File:Osmanews.jpeg - Duplicate.
Honey badger
Holy cow
Tara wilcox 
Dead Celebrities are Jerks
Cruella Deville
Wikipedia fags
Chinese toys - long list of ramblings
Prince Albert I don`t understand the redirect... Should I?

May 2: We'll make the sky orange.

User:Her!! Der!! - Cyberbullying 
File:Lollipop birthday card.jpg ~ Don't need this anymore.
Madison bray
Inverse Universe
Chera dynasty
Kate Middleton
Anand Macherla
File:Bush saddam IbnLadend.Gif - Unneeded duplicate.
विवेक सूत्र - Muslimspeak.
Laura Solano
Captain percy
Kevin garnet
Call of duty black opps
Marco neubauer
Bits pilani - A bit of WTF, some UN:VAIN, and probably some in-joke I'm not getting.
Visual basic
File:Skincare-With-Argan-Oil.jpg - Image uploaded by a now banned spambot.
Movie Mow Down
Kyla Bergenske
Category:BACON empty, merged into the somewhat similar Category:Bacon
File:The Socialer Network.png - Don't need this anymore.

May 1:New ops today, heaven help us o_O

Matt Tubbs
Da Vinci Hotel Eastbourne - Yeah, Wikipedia didn't want it either.
Meghan McCain
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/Fisher-Price (company) (re-review) (redirect) (delete) - Useless redirect. (I NOES I Shoulda done before.)
Classical (redirect) (delete)
TURRIFF - Utter shite. See for yourself.
Fred Figglehorn
Kwame kilpatrick
Incident at Honnō-ji - ICU tagged, just writer is constantly removing it
Flammable Monkeys - This needs protecting.
Dashing Cody Rhodes
Kanu - Admins, You decide.
Titus O Neil
Maya (person)
Rebbeca black