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October 16th

RathburnCamargo313 - spam

October 15th

Courage the cowardly dog
Andres pilve võidukäik nõrkpallis - This page is not in English.
EsquivelYeager500 - Spam
User:EsquivelYeager500 - Spamspamspam

October 13th

Forum:Help about bot on IRC - problem solved.
User:Hinoa/index.php - Spam
"British Comedians" (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect
Caspian sea (redirect) (delete) - what has it got to do with elvis presley?? 
User:Liberty X Discography - some sort of spam
Cookie jar group

October 12th

The Game

October 11th

User:Jonrose1 - suspected cyberbullying
Category:Humor - empty category

October 10th - Fucking slackers not reporting anything

User:Mr-ex777/Freenode IRC log/5
User:Mr-ex777/Freenode IRC log/4
User:Mr-ex777/Freenode IRC log/3
User:Mr-ex777/Freenode IRC log/2
User:Mr-ex777/Freenode IRC log/1
User:Mr-ex777/Freenode IRC log - Also delete all pages in it. There was a freenode admin who requested that.

October 8th

User talk:Travelorientc - spam
User:LevineMckay482 - user page created by an IP
Open gangnam style - an obvious wikipedia copy, poor formatting and all.

October 6th

User:Muscatddaily - Spam I am
Forum:HOLY FUCK Humiliating. Author's request.
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Forum:I am banned
Forum:I apologize

October 4th

Uncyclopedia:VFH/The 9/11 Commission Report (2nd time) - for some reason, the article didn't show up, so I moved it and nommed it under the new name. Talk Mattsnow  21:40, October 4, 2012 (UTC)
61 Virginis (redirect) (delete)
Baggy Pants - Stupid one liner
Bakersfield texas -vanity towards town, not much content

October 3rd

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Why?:Your Dead
Diego rivera - a sucky 2-line article about a Mexican painter, according to Wikipedia. Also, capitalized wrong.
British cuisine - this is not a good QVFD candidate - it would be a better ICU candidate. - It is actually appropriate for neither, check the history.
Trumpets - seemingly a vandal of some sort; just spam

October 2nd

File:FUCK Romartus.png
User:Jeu instant gagnant - spam
User:Sisfiser - green eggs and spam

October 1st

Joshua macdonald and subpages - vanity... I think