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This list is made by people. For a list made by the machines, see Special:Wantedpages. See here for a local copy of the list of articles all encyclopedias should have. The ones we don't have show up as red on the first link. For a list of articles by template, see incomplete article series.
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...that only 35 editors have received an award more then once for creating a requested article? And that only one editor has received the award ten times?

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For a list of dubious request ideas which may be pursued if someone has interest in the specific topic, see here.

For a list of former requests which need a rewrite and/or expansion, see Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles/watchlist.

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Top 50 Wanted Articles[edit]

Main article: Special:WantedPages

Please check for protected titles before trying to create any of these articles. (This page does not exist is protected for a reason.)

Babel:Village Dump‏‎ (10,789 links), Don't some work‏‎ (5,485 links), Forum:Happy Monkey competition‏‎ (5,481 links), Tamia‏‎ (3,806 links), Church of Alicia‏‎ (1,690 links), Or is it?‏‎ (1,667 links), Newton v. Leibniz‏‎ (1,664 links), Everybody Poops (R.E.M. song)‏‎ (1,662 links), I got it. It just wasn't funny‏‎ (1,662 links), We're Not Gonna Make It!‏‎ (1,662 links), We Get It. They're Gay (sitcom)‏‎ (1,662 links), Template:UNREALEST‏‎ (876 links), UnBooks:UnNewsAudio‏‎ (860 links), Undictionary:Grueslayer‏‎ (388 links), Jersey Shore‏‎ (337 links), CCTV‏‎ (332 links), W:Copyright‏‎ (332 links), This page does not exist‏‎ (310 links), Template:FA/2010‏‎ (309 links), Template:FA/2011‏‎ (283 links), Template:FA/2012‏‎ (275 links), Template:FA/2013‏‎ (274 links), Alicia Kezs‏‎ (243 links), UnTunes:Make Cheesy Sci-Fi‏‎ (222 links), HowTo:Author of the Month‏‎ (207 links), Template:Game:Alone in the dark/Engine‏‎ (199 links), M:Religion and Wikipedia‏‎ (186 links), UnTunes:Get Started on Editing Uncyclopedia‏‎ (177 links), Undictionary:Page 86‏‎ (165 links), Kid Cosmic‏‎ (152 links), Nigel Farage‏‎ (152 links), The Loud House‏‎ (148 links), The Casagrandes‏‎ (147 links), Undictionary:Zork3‏‎ (145 links), Undictionary:Grueslayer/PvPlobby‏‎ (143 links), Babel:Help‏‎ (142 links), Undictionary:Zork3/room‏‎ (138 links), Undictionary:Zork3/restore‏‎ (131 links), UnPoetia:Main Page‏‎ (131 links), Template:FA/2014‏‎ (119 links), Furby‏‎ (115 links), Undictionary:Zork4‏‎ (113 links), Bespin‏‎ (112 links), Unquotable:Main Page‏‎ (112 links), Template:FA/2015‏‎ (111 links), UnScripts:Main Page‏‎ (111 links), Undictionary:Zork4/restore‏‎ (108 links), Undictionary:Game Online‏‎ (107 links), Babel:Join the Grue Army! (Yes, again.)‏‎ (106 links) and MediaWiki:Flickr4‏‎ (104 links)

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Unless otherwise qualified, "Sega" refers to Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.


Before putting a request here, please check Wikipedia or other sources to verify that the game has been released in arcades. Do not put requests for fictitious games here without an extremely good reason (e.g., the humor involves an unusual arcade cabinet design); in such a case you must provide an explanation here.

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For relevant context, see the former DDR article. Check Wikipedia for basic information; don't make stuff up out of nowhere. Don't forget to review Uncyclopedia's humor standards, too. (More Info)

Other games and concepts[edit]

This section is for independently-developed games, ROM hacks, games notable for extremely negative reception, and for video-game topics difficult to classify otherwise. ("Independently developed" includes dōjin soft and similar forms of freeware and shareware.)

People in the video-game industry[edit]

Note: These are alphabetized by surname.



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See also: List of countries and List of countries that don't exist but should

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I redirected it here, given the ridiculous overreactions to the event, plus it kinda fits the description. Feel free to make a real article out of it, though. User:Pelargonium/Rsig Template:Random color

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