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Welcome to the Spambox, the ultimate source of the most popular articles in Uncyclopedia, especially ones marked as {{ICU}}. The content added here will not stay permanently, as it has other business to attend to. Do whatever you want to this page, just don't remove this template or turn the page into a redirect.

"Welcome to the sandbox!" "Hi."

"Can I help you around? Maybe introduce you to some formatting? How about some gammor?" "How did you know that I was having trouble with formatting?"

"I don't know sir, I just get this feeling that you don't know how to make line breaks or links or even how to sign your signature."

"Well, yeah, that's just me, mister total noob."

"Could I intrest you in some articles that need fixing up?"

"I don't know... You see, I'm totally new to this whole, Uncyclopedia thing."

"Well, don't you worry, I'll see to it that you'll learn from the best. Martin!"

"Who's Martin?"

"Martin's this great guy who lives in my basement, Uncyclopedia is the only thing he gets on everyday, mainly because it's the only site I let him on."

"Is... Is that healthy?"

"Who knows? But he sure knows a hell of a lot about being funny and not just stupid!"


(An overweight basement deweller with an XL Small Ouran High School Host Club t-shirt enters)


"Buddy? Buddy? BUDDY!"

"Dammit. They never get past the sandbox..."

  • END*
  • Curtains close, audience leaves making spontaneous suicide pact with person next to them on the way out*

P.S. I figured it out! Sadderall (talk) 06:26, October 3, 2012 (UTC)