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This award is, like, totally obsolete. As such it's all closed 'n' shit.

“If they catch me, then they'll ban all my little Sockies!”

~ Sockpuppeteer on Sockpuppeteer of the Month
The coveted Sockpuppeteer of the Month badge.

The Sockpuppeteer of the Month award goes to users who have found their inner sockpuppet.

Lament of the Banned Sockpuppeteer[edit]

I had a little sockie,
Through my computer key,
They loved my little sockie,
But no one wanted me.

Eligibility Requirements[edit]

To be nominated, you must:

  • Be a registered member.
  • Not nominate yourself. You can vote for yourself, but you can't nominate yourself, not even with a sock (see below).
  • Have used at least 1 confirmed puppet.
  • Be the puppet master of your sockpuppets.

Nomination and Voting Procedure[edit]

Nominate the user who has put forth the most tireless effort towards helping the admins find and ban open proxies. The more sockpuppets the user has used, the better their chance of winning.

Only signed votes will count. IP votes carry half the weight of registered votes. Users can only vote once, and new votes supersede the old vote. Sockpuppets cannot nominate or vote, and this includes nominating your own Sockpuppet. Please use a level two headline format for the nomination. Users can only win the award once.

Be sure to also add {{VoteSOTM}} to the nominee's user page when nominated.

Fabulous (?) Prizes[edit]

Winners will get:

  • A pair of tube socks
  • A 3 month course in Wikiwanking
  • Banned
  • A fancy template to put on their user page: {{SOTM}}

Past Winners[edit]

MetropolisSerial blankerBig Boss 0SuilvenCookies,yum!99Hello3ManformanCheeseboyBlake CThemadddogLotofLOLSThat One Vandal Who Keeps Coming Back With Really Long, Somewhat Offensive, Very Hilarious Names But No Matter How Hard He Tries He Is Still Ineffective With Each Iteration of His Vandalizing SpreesDa boi'ssannseSockpuppet of an unregistered userBigmoneyJoe SheAAn unregistered userHyperboleThe Great Lung Sphincter of Nebuchadnezzar

Heed their fate

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