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Welcome to the grand archive of Uncyclopedia's Top 10 voting. The rules were simple. You went through all of the featured articles of the last X years, and you picked your favorite 10s. You only got 10 votes, so you chose wisely. Also, you may have only voted once for each article you decided to vote for. After awhile, or whenever we felt like it, we'll have ended the voting and the 10 articles with the most votes will have become Uncyclopedia's Top 10 of Whatever Year That Was. If there were any ties I didn't know what will have happened, so will have tried to have been avoided ties.

Top 10 Articles By Year: The Results are In![edit]

Voting History[edit]

For past votes see the following:

Individual months for the previous two years are unavailable, as things were totally way different back then.[citation needed]

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