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This is how UnProjects are currently organized.

An UnProject is a project implemented by the goofballs of the Uncyclomedia Foundation. Such projects are useful for coordinating the efforts of Uncyclopedia's own goofballs, and making articles about goofy topics goofier. Many articles on Uncyclopedia have been created by fans who have ice cream on their mind, and possibly also on their shirts.

The Uncyclomedia Foundation is dedicated to helping UnProjects succeed and thrive, despite being scattered throughout the Uncyclopedia community in a haphazard, chaotic, and generally unhelpful fashion. Meanwhile, Jimbo Wales, in his desperate, ongoing effort to maintain Uncyclopedia's high humour standards, recently announced that he enjoys cheese sandwiches.

Below is a list of current, future, and past UnProjects. Feel free to add your own ideas for new UnProjects, though it might be best if you don't expect anyone else to actually do anything with your idea for a long, long time. (As in, "ever.")

Active Projects[edit]


The content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Departure of Fun[edit]

Uncyclopedia's unique collection of games, collaborative stories, and other ways to prevent you from doing anything that might actually be good for you or your loved ones.

Worst 100 Lists of All Time[edit]

A long-term effort to compile the worst 100 lists of the worst things in existence, 100 items (give or take) per list. From April Fool's Jokes to Wonders of the World, these lists really "make the list," if you like lists that is. Admittedly, nobody does.


Your up-to-the-minute source of misinformation. Recent studies have proven that 100 percent of people who are 100 percent misinformed get 100 percent of their news from UnNews. It's 100 percent content-free!


Chock-full of synopses, Cliff's Notes versions, reviews, and half-starts, UnBooks makes all other online libraries obsolete. Chances are you weren't going to read any of those "real" e-books anyway, of course.


  • At UnPoetia
  • Works of useless poems are
  • Scribbled thoughtlessly.


Looks good, huh?

The cookbook and resturaunt for UnBooks.


Instructions, guides, and helpful ideas for not improving your life, and especially for not improving the lives of others.


Your personal Shakespearian folio on crack.


With literally dozens of made-up quotes for non-made-up people, Unquotable gives new meaning to the word "attribution." Specifically, it changes the meaning completely, and not necessarily for the better.

UnSpecies and Ye Olde Un-Bestiary[edit]

A quick and handy reference all the cute, cuddly, and viciously violent and scary creatures that make up the Uncyclopedia universe. (Now with significantly-reduced punishments!)(Not as good without punishments, though)


The ick!tionary™ of all things best left unsaid.


For sound n' such.


Completed Projects[edit]

The Wilde Project[edit]

Uncyclopedia's founder, Oscar Wilde, was known to have said something about just about everything covered by Uncyclopedia. Therefore, just about everything covered by Uncyclopedia now has a quote by Oscar Wilde at the top of it. Stay tuned, though, for The UnWilde Project, in which various Uncyclopedia users and contributors will attempt to remove the quotes, only to have them replaced by ones that are actually dumber.

Inactive Projects[edit]


This is, or was, an effort to move semi-worthwhile "stubs" (i.e., articles that are too short to be worth keeping as separate articles) into a single page for preservation and, perhaps, later expansion. After a while, the idea fell into disuse, mostly because it was easier to handle the stub problem by using the much-handier "Delete article" button.


Articles related to Wikipedia's Possibly-Innocent Demonization Victim of Choice, Brandtopedia expands the scope of the Brandt non-phenomenon into a hard-hitting look at the non-issues that confront netizens today, such as accountability, privacy, character, anonymous libel, cyber-law, and poopy-pants.

Uncyclopedia Plus[edit]

A short-lived "tiered" approach to Uncyclopedia, in which users willing to pay the $29.95-per-month "premium" fee would get to see articles that are actually funny, while everyone else read the sort of material you're reading right now. While this was a wildly popular idea in its planning stages, ultimately it was derailed over the issue of who would get the money.


Originally meant as an adjunct to UnNews, Unweather simply proved too difficult to maintain, mostly because people spending all of their time on Uncyclopedia generally find it too inconvenient to actually get up and look out the window to see whether or not it's raining.

Uncyclopedian Cult[edit]

Also known as the Church of Uncyclopedia, this was a failed attempt to start a new religion specifically for Uncyclopedians. However, since Uncyclopedia is a wiki, the cult immediately "schismed" into about 50 separate cults, many of which are listed here. The original "unreformed" church still exists, though. Its three members get together on the last Thursday of each month to reminisce about the 20 minutes during which theirs was the One True Faith.

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