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Uncyclopedia is an Internet encyclopedia of questionable humor.

Uncyclopedia may also refer to:

  • Undictionary, the ick!tionary of all things best left unsaid
  • UnNews, the news source on crack
  • Unquotable, the useless misquotes galore
  • UnCommons (formley Uncyclomedia Commons), the broken media repository
  • UnBooks, the content-free books
  • Uncycloversity, if it makes sense, we don't want it
  • HowTo, instructions and guides for anything and everything
  • Why?, don't make me explain it to you twice
  • UnTunes, where noisy things can live and prosper
  • UnReviews, we'll tell you why things suck
  • UnRequests, where you beg somebody else to write an article for you because you are too lazy to do it
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