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Uncyclopedia first emerged when alienated cattle from the lands of northern Europe took refuge in the African jungles of Somalia. It was said these cattle share two things with today's domesticated cattle:

1. They stood upright

2. They moderated the website "uncyclopedia.org"

The cattle also were said to wear paper hats and work (officially) at an undisclosed fast food restaurant chain. They paid their taxes and lived of the fat of the "ham". Eventually, they bred with the local amphibians and became subhuman. The result was a culture of uncyclopedians and a virus sharing the same name.

Effects on Human Immune System[edit]

The details of the effects of the virus on the human immune system are practically unknown due to the fact the virus was open source and research was unfunded. The obvious symptoms of which, on the other hand, are:

1. Host may experience much pain in accordance to moderators abusing the "delete button".

2. Host may express emotions in the form of scrambled characters or a beeping sound.

3. Loss of the will to type or contribute to uncyclopedia and its affiliates.

4. Decrease in sexual performance.

Many other symptoms have been linked to uncyclopedia, but aforementioned are most prominent.

Special Notation[edit]

Uncyclopedia is regarded as a virus allowing many people to edit and expand its entity. Although, in contrast to this, as an organism it's subjected to several higher organisms abusing their powers, in attempt to regulate the flow of information contained within.

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