Unified Sumant Approximation Theorem

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Essentially, the Unified Sumant Approximation Theorem mathematically boils down to this:

Therefore, for sufficiently accurate approximation, a sufficiently accurate picture, with sufficiently accurate distances, you can sufficienly well guess the answer.

To find evenivity of an answer:

If the

then the answer is even


the answer is odd

If the answer is even, then there is a very good chance that it is not the correct answer.

for discussion:

The area bound by the curves , and

a) (Note that one should never pick a tricky answer, they are always wrong)


c) (Too even)


e) (Too many digits, thus incorrect)

Left with the possible answers, and , consider the graph of the function , from , as well as the known area of the triangle with verticies

The area is a known or . Our graph is below the hypotenuse of this triangle.

Thus the answer is d)


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