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The stupid country where Sanah the mafia boss lives. She is really lost and doesn't know where she lives...the country is also known as United suckers of Amrilica. The United States of Amerigo Vespucci were founded in 1776 by a national act of Civil Disobedience. After chasing the disobedient colonists around North America for several years, the British gave up all hope of administering a good spanking, and returned to Europe to give the French a good hiding. The US has a reputation for turning up late for wars, however, they are getting better. They joined in for the last year of The First World War, even though nobody really understood why, the last two years of The Second World War, because it just wouldn't have been a world war without them, and now they are quite determined to start the next one themselves.

Official language English or close approximation to; Dog Barking, Flip-Flop

Honolulu, Texas

President George H.W (wonderful) Bush (:()
National Heroes Osama Bin laden, Batman,Peter Griffin, Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Chuck Norris, Dave Mustaine, God, Your mom, This Guy, David Letterman
Population, Not as much as China. Get shagging for Caucasian Supremacy. You MUST out-breed the Hispanics.
Area 51
Established Not really.
Motto "fuck America" "War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery Ignorance is Strength GO CHAWALS GO TEAM"

"The land of the sorta not really free, like what kind of democracy is that ! only two possible winners! and they're both controlled by the same guy: Chuck norris's evil brother: Ronlad mcdonald..."
National Anime G.I. Joe: Sigma 6 National Anthem Its Time To DISCO
Currency Kalashnikov
National anthems

"Keep the Home Fires Burning, put on Another Frenchman"

National Sports

Vote Counting, Football, Shopping

National Products Silicon

Oil Patriot Act War Walls around the border Iraquies

Country code Top Level Domain .com, .org, .net, .USA, .gov, .hamburger, .coke, .halliburton, .freedom, .mx (new purchase)
Exports Deported Illegal immigrants,

Silicon Black hawks, War, Soul Food, Soul(musik), Souls(collected by reapers), Whoopass, Nukes and other weapons of mass-destruction.

Imports Illegal Immigrants, Oil(Lots)

Marijuana (pot) Cocaine Meth Heroin Dogs

"Obama dunnit!" - George Bush on US currency.

American Culture[edit]

USA, "Ustedos salir ariba"= translated land of the fat people in the Lords English. I TOUCHED IT!!!!

Football (Why is it called football? They dont even use their feet, typical bloody yanks could'nt come up with a original idea *mumble mumble*), Drinking Beer, Making teenage girls anorexic, shooting allies, the Greatest sport in the world, aka 'Lacrosse', engaging in ritual incest. Being faithful to their awesome, really cool, totally sexy president (Canada has cool prime ministers, SUCKERS!!!). The USA Most Americans, however, seem to be somewhat oblivious to the fact that their homeland is known to be the land of the ignorant and the home of the bible-toting extremely conservative. They also seem to be unaware that those terms in fact have roughly the same meaning.

United States National Anthem[edit]

"Keep the Home Fires Burning, put on Another Frenchman"

Is that the North Wind howling?
Or is it the cries of "freedom"?
No, it's the French cunt burning
And the men of the South turning.

Keep the Home Fires Burning
Keep our children learning
Summon the family henchman
to put on another Frenchman

       (Beat: 80's Pop /Dance )


“Errr, we have history? I know something happened in 1997”

~ An American on the lack of American history

Americans originated from monkeys in Iceland and went on to turn into fat dog-humping retards. They accidentally travelled to Mexico in search of cocaine and more dogs to hump. Soon however, they were too stupid to maintain their dog-humping traditions and instead went on to hump trees. Americans were soon able to stick their tiny cocks up anything or everything.

America originally stood for "sniff cocaine and drink whiskey," and was first discovered by a group of traveling cokeheads from Mexico. They'd been hounded out of Mexico for being offensive, loud-mouthed, obese, and with an inbuilt belief that they were somehow superior to everyone else (That is, simply too coked out for the Mexicans to comprehend) and the concocted conspiracy theory of Mexicans are "taking back" Texas, California and New Mexico. (smokes to much pot). Upon landing, they were immediately greeted with open arms by native American Indians(who also smoked pot). As this display of hospitality was tantamount to war, the Mexicans set about exterminating the lot of them and stealing all their possessions. potheads hate cokeheads, what can i say...

The British helped at first, governing these unruly Mexicans and apologizing to the locals "fuck you Indians, you cannot read lips, what am i saying? you'll never know". Realizing that this (the USA) was a horrendous mistake in the offing, they upped ships and legged it out before they were found out by the rest of the world as being the progenitors of the USA (aka Disneyland).

American history was recently surmised by noted English historian Sharkey (from Award winning programme Sharkey and George: crimebusters of the sea) as: "We Invented them, The Vietnam War, today". The USA actually didn't fight the Nazis in WWII, it was up to the Soviets to do the fighting while we saved Britain's ass. In reality, the Americans never gave a shit about the French people the Nazis invaded first.

Ever since the USA has tried to actually govern itself (often by creating a common enemy to bomb). This classic mistake has led to them continually needing a helping hand from Britain (who feels responsible, somehow and treats it as an errant child). Often by going along on USA's more disastrous adventures.

The USA is famous for their stupid Americans. They are all brainwashed, making them serve the so called "president", a half monky, half human creature fond of drawing things in his sketchbook, when he is not having his daily private tuition. Americans eat lot of unhealthy food and grow fatter each day. They think they are the leading military power in the world and try to prove it through war against innocent people and nations.

In the year 2002 the SARS virus, which had a 94 percent mortality rate, killed many americans, a side note that in the year 2002 the countries weight doubled. American's then blamed China for eating cats. Which had nothing to do with anything. Fucking Americans...

Notable American Achievements[edit]

An American citizen managed to get out of his armchair on only his fifth attempt.


US President/Prime Minister[edit]

George Bush is a great president.As asked in this interview what he thinks about inflating prices he responded"Well looks like we'll have to get a giant needle and deflate them prices,eh,eh,eh"

The US president/Prime Minister is selected based on how close he looks like an Orangutan, the latest one in particular is a prize winning monkey. The masses all gather together to vote, And the Person with the most votes loses. Americans feel good knowing that their vote matters and that democracy works. Fox News is the national mascot. Leader of Fox News is a monkey that goes by the ridiculous name: "O'Really" famous notably for his friendly catchphrase: "SHUT UP".


Most Americans are Flag idol worshippers. Their motto's are: be oblivious to your own image, and always think of your selves. They prostrate themselves in the Direction of Washington (Satan's Toilet) DC, 4 times a day. The American (Communist Chinese made) flag is used as a totem of a good luck charm in many house holds. The Patriot Act mandated in section 666, that the President must be worshiped as a god and that all churches have to praise him as well. The President or Lord as he is now known has recently mandated that after the next terrorist attack in America, which will be committed by Iran without a doubt, everyone will have to receive a mark, either in their right hand or in their forehead as a security measure and as a sign that they love America above anything else.

War and the Americans[edit]

The Americans were fueled after their success in the war of Independence against the British, but got beat down a few yeas later by the British in the war of 1812. Ever since that Americans have been trying to compensate for their defeat by starting shit with every country who dared carry a different philosophy: that is anyone who thought that it wasn't ok to invade some place just coz they dont like Starbucks.

Also 1 of May is widely celebrated by American people as a Victory over Hitler's Vietnam in 1905 when the nuclear bomb was dropped on the Italian city of Paris. People wave flags on that day and eat hotdogs and drink coca-cola. Russians drink vodka at the same day to celebrate the fact that Americans are getting fatter. British celebrate the bombings of Paris. So do the French.

The US has a reputation for turning up late for wars. However, they are getting better. They joined in for the last year of The First World War, even though nobody really understood why, the last two years of The Second World War, because it just wouldn't have been a world war without them, and now they are quite determined to start the next one themselves. The US has the largest nuclear (pronounce NEW-KEW-LARR in order to be understood in said country) arsenal in the world, however the Japs are the only lucky ones who tested it on their backs. They didn't actually appreciate it, much to the surprise of monkey-in-chief at the time Truman and his cronies.


Every country in the world is reputed to hate the USA mainly due to the fact the USA has bombed them all but also because of the blatant cockism of all Americans. Because of this all attempts of politics perused by America is a sham. Also the ruler being a monkey does not help. A recent poll has shown that America is the worst country ever and has been chosen as the first country to be flown into space all of the worlds scientists are working on the technology to do this. It has been rumoured that America may find out how to do this first but this has been seen as bullshit because all of their scientific discoveries were stolen from the Canadians and this rumour was probably started by one of the American politicians, to be sure all of them were shot and their heads placed on spikes around the white house to deter any further attempts on politics by the Americans. As a short term solution the British have begun building a wall around the USA but there attempts are slowed by the constant barrage of terrorists trying to blow up the USA hitting the wall. Many scientists concur through history that American politicians are retards that like to screw everything up in this world. American leaders are known to be able to send thousands to their deaths in "Where the fuck am I?" land.

 * * * * * * * * * * 
United States of America
 * * * * * * * * * * 
Arkcansaw Box Cheeselen Colorado Connectthedots
 * * * * * * * * * * 
Delaware Denver Dubyaland East Virginia
 * * * * * * * * * * 
Fuckyoua God's Toilet Hampshire Hell Hilton Illannoy
 * * * * * * * * * * 
Indiana Iowa Iraq Jalapeño Jersey Kyoto Mayne
 * * * * * * * * * * 
Michigan Microsoftland Minnesnowta Missouri Mucho Rancho Grande State
Nebraska Nevada New Massachusettstan
New Saskatchewan Nowhere Ohelloo Oil Oklahoma
Old Alaska Persistent vegetative state Pennsyltucky Pikachusetts Potato
Rhode Island Saudi Oilberta Somewhere Transylvania Texas
Unaware Vermont Virginia Wikiland York

(Fast) Food[edit]

The average amount of caca (NeoEnglish for food) eaten a day by a average America citizen is 16, which all consists of 40 cokes 40 big macs and 40 live Arabs (if there are no Arabs around Mexicans are just as nice, how ever Canadians are much sought for). All meals consist of that all but one is full drugs, like Cloraton which is a harsh corrosive drug to clean attires and help bowel movements. The average American weighs over 40 cows, that's nearly 50 COWS (500 lbs)! Not to mention CRACK the main item consumed ( drug ).

Americans also eat very thin slices of starch, which have the purpose of holding together as much fat as they can for intake, French fries (also called cootch-up when made with menstrual blood, a regional delicacy) which they call "Freedom fries" since they all have a fanatic obsession for the word "Freedom", and because they are jealous of Ze French. THEN their old geezers in white coats conduct "studies", the combined results of which conclude that we are all actually dead. Making all Americans Necrophliacs, Paris Hilton especially.

The most favourite beverage in America is what is called "Jesus Juice", used by peadophiles and christains alike and anything that has so much sugar in it that if you left the drink in the Sun for days on end you should have half a standard glass of molassas (Surgeon General's recommendation, after a study funded by Coca Cola), and Americans frown on anyone drinking anything alcoholic (except for a pee-water "light beer" with the brand name "Budweiser" or "Bud light").


Americans are a notoriously superstitious people. According to a recent gallup poll, only 7% of Americans believe in gravity, while 79% believe "God is keeping them on the ground with his vast mental powers," and 10% remain undecided. Also the belief that they are better than everyone at everything and have invted every living thing is 100 to 0. I take it back, the only inventions proven to been in America came from either African-Americans, Jewish-Americans, gay Americans, Mexican-Americans, Asian-Americans, Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans, Polish-Americans and Native Americans. Scientifically speaking AMERICANS ARE DUMB, CAN'T INVITE ANYTHING. We outsourced every good paying job from our citizens to a third world country by now, except the Japanese companies may build cars in Union-free Red States. auto manufacturing plants...the Japs get the money pouring back in their Headquarters.

Some things tehy beleive htey inveted came :

God. People. The World. "Freedom". SAVING PEOPLE FROM THINGS THEY DON'T NEED SAVED FROM. homo's (France). Creating wars because it would be fun (George W. Bush). Sex, Porno, drugs and rock and roll. Dumbfuckastan the creation of unlimited fat and obest people. And many others.

Canada however still believes that American politicians are stupid assholes, which turned out to be true.

Most scientists believe that most Americans are too stupid to excel at anything academically and turn out to be abusive alcoholics. This was concluded while running tests on Homer Simpson, the "Perfect American". The world is commonly used to hear abou the "Ugly American", a false hurtful racial stereotype that may be actually true.

Also most of America's research budget is spent mainly on finding ways to cure homosexuality. So far $2.3 Trillion has been spent, but the cure remains just as elusive as cancer, which has not yet been cured because most of the money is used for creationism and ways of curing homosexuality. Scientists rush to the crynogenic tomb of Adolf Hitler (now 51% less anti-Semitic) to unfreeze him and get advice from a revived vampire on what to do with the "gays".

A recent debate arose in the Kansas school system as to whether teachers should teach evolution alongside the fact of creationism. The debate became so heated that the creationists began flinging their poop at outsiders to mark their territory. In Reatilation the Scientologists all flocked to the schools, and Tom Cruise gave everyone some cookies and a book called "Hitchhikers Guide to Scientology" An autobiography written by Karl Marx in 2389.

The People of USA[edit]

There are many different people living in the wasteland of USA though all are boring, and stupid and lack humour. Except George W. Bush (Classified as "That Fucking Evil Idiot" by an english dictionary). Some of the inhabitants are: fat whores, homosexual retards, fat asses, KKK, White men, Africans, Black Men, Yellow men, Bea Arthur, Blue men, Swedes, Chinese, Republicans, Homosexuals, Fags, Illegal immigrants, Legal immigrants, Red men, the French, Greys (a small colony on Area 51), Arabs, Idiots, This guy, Your Mom, Jesus freaks, Armadillos, Satanists, Pokemon, GI Joe, Rednecks, Liberals, White trash, between others.

However, the following are considered vital for the nation's progress, explaining why America is going backwards: Mormons, Mafia, Mobstersand Amish people. The very important sect of NRA, Gangstas, Founding Fathers, Hippies, Capitalists, Nazis, Communists, Lawyers, Paranoid Policemen and Michael Moore, a sellout in Hollywood.

And of course, the pathetic: Cowboys, Feds, Spooks, Men in Black, Purple cows, Car salesmen, Athletes and Actors.

And the "good people", often portrayed as bad: African Americans, Asian Americans, European Americans, American Americans,Native Americans, grahamtopolis, Jesusland, Caucasians, and sasquatches. Don't forget the furries!!!!!!!!!!!


USB Upgrade[edit]

Main article: USB (Country)

A major upgrade is expected in autumn 2008 which should make America a more user-friendly place.

Further USA information[edit]

Now lets look back to... oh... About four months ago (its currently febuary 08') Either tennesse or Texas proclaimed a law that any and all individuals may carry a fire arm into any and all bars. Now this proclamation also declared that if anything were to happen at said bar(s) the government would pay for it. Lets sum this up. So basically the douche-bags in the government made a law that says you can bring a gun into a bar, get drunk, get fucked up shooting people, and YOU WONT BE IN TROUBLE... The government will take the blame! Lets all smile about the amazing US of A (You stupid Ass's).

American jokes[edit]

Why wasn't Jesus born in America?

Because America doesn't have any virgins or wise men.

How many Americans does it take to defend Washington?

Nobody knows, it´s never been tried. The British burned down the White House without a fight.

Who has had sex with Paris Hilton?

The better question is "Who Hasn't?"


83% of the American men are gay...but 50% of this 83% are gay and still "inside the closet".

USA is also an abbreviation for -Under Stupid Associations -U Suck Ass -Utterly Sick Aliens -Ultimately Stupid Alien-Lovers -Ultimately sick asses and apparently Eliot Spitzer didn't screw one prostitute, but THREE.

Major Cities[edit]

and the Garden of Eden the Mormons believe in, lies in Jackson County, Missouri (or was it Kansas? Kentucky? or Massachusetts?) but they call Utah their paradise, utopia and home on the prairie (er...range).

States in the South
Alabama - Arkansas - Florida - Georgia - Kentuckistan - Louisiana - Mississippi - Missouri - North Carolina - Oklahoma - South Carolina - Tennessee - Texas - Virginia - West Virginia - and sometimes Ohio
  • New New New New New New New New New New New New Newville.


USA loves humping trees and Animal porn.

USA is still legally part of the UK, the declaration of independence is a joke.

USA! USA! USA! The USA soccer fan chant, while they lose to every other country in the World Cup match. Why not Americans go play basketball? or baseball?

The USA is the garden of eden according to the Mormons, one of America's crazy religious cults, along with Southern (and Western) Baptists, the American Rite of Roman Catholics, tongue-talking/snake-handling/seizure-getting Pentecostals, 7th-day Adventurers, Christian Scientists who flunk grade school science (the world is still flat!) and a majority of the world's Jews (but it's the Khazars).

The future of the USA in the year 2020 as seen from the Wild West or the "Old South" (Utah and the white spot Kentucky falls in both categories), any red states who are patriotic enough to take down the US government.

Utah's reltionship with America