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Flag of United Islands of Europe.GIF
Official Language Freelansh
Capital Trondlinna
Largest City Nyw Helsinki
Form of government Federation
Current President Fredrik Holmer
Current Comissary Kalevo Paasorsa
Currency Euro
National anthem Feherlant tee Freelant...
Motto Äxrel wra, syte preas (First war, after peace)

United Federation (UF) is archipelago in Gulf of Finland. It neighbor countrys is Finland, Russia, Estonia and Bortopia. UF land it Germanic land.


UF is largest archipelago in the World. In it belong 2500 islands and it´s area 360 000 square kilometres great. 65 million inhabitant's live in UCE, 28 millions in center archipelago (citys Trondlinna, Nyw Helsinki...), 23 000 000 in east archipelago (Flyon, Venege...) and 14 millions in west archipelago (Nyw London, Grostville...).


UF is divided into five areas: Freeland (in centrum), Westre (in west), Alcadeia (in east), Finlandia (in north) and Baltiania (in south). Islands is 2500, where is on average about 42 citys.

Islands of UF (incomplete)[edit]

  1. Freelantia
  2. Nyw Dakota
  3. Supper Lant
  4. Nyw Finlant
  5. Nyw Swerden
  6. Nyw Nazi Gerza
  7. Tompsonia
  8. Petteria
  9. Galloonlant
  10. Ministerlant
  11. Nyw Amerika
  12. Samilant
  13. Nyw Deutshlant
  14. Ålantia
  15. Sariolant
  16. Maarianhamppulant
  17. Clintoislant
  18. Bushislant
  19. Himalant
  20. Valtialant


Parliament of United Islands of Europe in 1700s

Every four years in UF elect new parliament, where is 500 members. Parliament's partys choose member, who come to party's assemble and select president. Victory party is have the edge at opportunity: ability of vote for himself. In election others vote something member and most vote's get appoint form a goverment. That guy is a president.

List Ministers of United Federation[edit]

Look: President of United Federation
N:o Minister (in English) Minister (in Freelansh)
1. Comissary Komesar
2. Vice Comissary Vor komesar
3. Foreign Minister Frägeilministre
4. Finance Minister Bisnessministre
5. Defence Minister Defertministre
6. Interior Minister Siserministre
7. Industry Minister Teällisministre
8. Agri- and forestry Minister Goly- anch Graselyministre
9. Education Minister Opresministre
10. Culture Minister Kaltarministre
11. Labour Minister Jobraministre
12. Social Affairs and Health Minister Sosrial- anch Telfveministre
13. Transport and communication Minister Lransken anch kommakernministre
14. Security Minister Tarvalenministre
15. Foreign trade Minister Frägeil kaupaministre
16. Justice Minister Orstroministre
17. Area Minister Arsnalministre
18. II Foreign Minister II Frägeilministre
19. Religion Minister Gadrelministre
20. A minister without portfolio Sarshallministre

Politic partys[edit]

Politic partys in parliament of United Federation.

  1. SDP (Sosrial Demacrat Puoloe (Social Democratic Party))
  2. Kent. (Kentros Puoloe (Centrum Party))
  3. CP (Conserva Puoloe (Conservative Party))
  4. RP (Rikto Puoloe (Right Party))
  5. KPF (Kommar Puoloe Freelantis (Communist Party of Freelant)
  6. GP (Gadrel Puoloe (Christianity Party))
  7. MAP (Malpa Arshal Puoloe (Rural Area Party))
  8. FL (Federal Laer (Federality Alliance))


UF:'s economy is variable: summer and south cold, winter and north hot. Artickles gredit interview UF:'s inhabitant "Palle" about:

  • Gredit: "Are you happy, when you live in United Federation?"
  • "Palle": "Jöö! Varta han askaa tääs!"
  • Gredit: "Have that county side, who sucks?"
  • "Palle": "Jöö! Tääs ar raska smeri, anch sit vasa darkkaa!"
  • Gredit: "Are you like that's land economy?"
  • "Palle": "Jöönoo! Tääs ar stybbas prualet: wilu hyt, samppu calle!"
  • Gredit: "Ooh... Thank you very much that interview!"
  • "Palle": "Olo hava youleki!!"

"Sorry! We dont translate that interview into English, since we understand any one from it!"</code">

Translate's main page: Freelansh


Sir Samuli Freelantilainen travel to Freelant

Year 1045 Finnish Sir Samuli Freelantilainen sailed to curren's Freelantia's island. He like it and found the town in. That town is named Freelanki, current Trondlinna. When town is builded, Freelantilainen shoo away each natives from Freelantia. Samuli Freelantilainen preceive, so that Freelantia is one manys islands in that archipelago.

1052 Freelantilainen die 62 years old and Freelantia need the new boss. 1055 Sir Fredrik Thompsonialainen seiz the power from provisional and declare the revolution into started.

I Revolution[edit]

Main page: Freelant's I Revolution

First Revolution until 1064 win of the Thompsonialainen. He proclaim himself lifelong dictator, who informed in constitution. Until year 1800, Freelant is monarching republic, or democraticland in who boss is dictator.

The Left Revolution (II Revolution)[edit]

Main page: Revolution of United Federaton

Second revolution started 1794, when left-partys, dont any moore obey right-king Kusto-Pätteri Halfmenia. Right's chief is Karle Juhannus Stälber and Left Hansu Manni. Left win civil war 1800 and declared UIE:s into democracy and himself the it's president, but Stälber murd it and get up itself the president.


Stålber domination United Federation five years, untill be assasinated October 45 1805. Abraham Lindström get up his place into president and continue year 1812 until.