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Oktoberfest in the United Republic of Beer


Even the very young drink beer here

The United Republic of Beer, also known as the United States territory of Scotland, is technically not a part of America, but not a part of Rest Of World either. It is inhabited by Fat Bastard and an unknown drunk who just kind of stole the place from the Scots and their haggis. Its entire economy is based on beer and throwing things into canals. Old ladies are the most common thing to throw into canals. There are daily Cockney Rejects concerts there just to piss off the nearby citizens of Arsewank, who are a bunch of Edinboroughites or Pikey Chavs, which have an aversion to anything badass. The Cockney Rejects are paid in beer, as throwing things into canals isn't very profitable and The United Republic of Beer, consequently, is poor as fuck.

Unemployment Rate[edit]

The unemployment rate is 100%, unless drinking and throwing things into canals are jobs.

Why the Fuck isn't Everyone Here Dead Yet?[edit]

People who live in this area are immortal. They have reached immortality by drinking so much booze that they are preserved. You should try this sometime. It works really well.

Politics of the United Republic of Beer[edit]

Even Hitler drank their beer

There are 2 political parties, the Beer and Cigarettes Party and the Kill All The French People Party. Both are too drunk to know what their stances are on any issue, so they usually just focus on exterminating fascists. Ironically, everyone in the country drinks, smokes, and kills French people regardless of their political party.

Fun Facts[edit]

The cats drink it, too!

National bird: beer

National food: beer

National religion: beer

National God: beerzebud

National Anthem: The Beer Song

Most common blood type: beer

You can drink it on the streets in open containers (Don't drink and drive even there!)

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