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Help unperson doubleplusungood crime. Unperson hate BB and party. Miniluv correct unpersons fullwise. Miniluv make unpersons luv BB and Ingsoc. If unpersons unluv BB and party after Miniluv correct, crimethink bec unperson.

Unpersons and background[edit]

  • Emmanuel Goldstein: Eurasian Eastasian Eurasian crimethinker. Unwith Oceania. Unwith BB. Makes rocketbombs, unlife proles, unlife party members, sabotage utilities, attempt unperson BB. Unperson.
  • Winston Smith: Doubleplusungood crimethinker. Doubleplusungood sexcrimer. Unwith Oceania. Help unperson Emmanuel Goldstein. Minitrue unworker. Miniluv rectify fullwise. Unperson.
  • Oscar Wilde: Doubleplusungood sexcrimer. Unapproved joyhomosex with Emmanuel Goldstein. Will ungoodsex for new party members. Will only sex with prolemen. Unperson.
  • You: Doubleplusself-sexcrime more total of Party. Report to Miniluv immediately or be vaporized. Unperson

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