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Yo boi, wut up. Y'all be down at tha crib we playaz like callin' "da' Unquotabullshit, an' you suckaz might notice it ain't costin' y'all shit. Dag, yo! Ain't no bitches givin' a shit 'bout tellin' wuz'all true here, word up. All jus' suckaz puttin' fake-ass shit in like it's said by some dead-ass famous lily-ass muhfucka. Fuck all, ain't 'dat da bomb! We got otha yammaz' lingoze here too but ain't no homies understandin' all'at. Fo' shizzle. Like 'dey even got yo some big-ol' ass Uncyc'yopedia thang, fully-strapped an' loaded an' ready to do some serious bidnezz, yo. Dazzum way strong fly shit. All y'all punk-ass bitches can even fuck up 'dis shit all y'want, 'dey even tellzya how. If y'all get yo ass bored an' shit, foolz even got a shit box for doin' whatevah y'all pleeze. 'Dey tellz ya go to tha set yo' ass up page but fuck that shit, bro. Ain't no way I givin' no broke-ass peace officaz fuck-all 'bout my personal affairz 'n' shit. Fuck 'dat. fuck u

It's All Random An' Shit
Someone once said, "Wherever you go, there you are." As it turns out, that's not true. The correct wording
should be, "Wherever you go, you're watched by randomly-selected agents of the Bush Administration."

Dick Cheney
Word up: Ain't no random shit like they sayin', dawg. Fact they probably usin' robots an' shit fo' puttin' this shit up. Ain't no mo' than, like, a dozen o' these muhfuckaz, so these bitches say otha-wize, y'all gotta cap they ass, yo?
Yo, No Shit Y'All   (jack it)  

Tha 'Hood

New shit

Dead French Muh'fucka - Dead white Muh'fucka - Yo, DUH -

Live muh'fuckaz

Excellent ma brotha! - Rich-ass white muh'fucka - Cap'n Kirk (he cool) - Fucked-up white muh'fucka - WTF IS THAT FUCKIN' SHAT

Dead muh'fuckaz

Dead Greek-ass muh'fucka - White-ass child molesta' - Dead British muh'fucka - Dead faggy British muh'fucka - Dead white evolution muh'fucka - Dead white scientist muh'fucka - Dead white bald-ass muh'fucka - Dead white-ass slave-ownin' muh'fucka - Dead Chinese muh'fucka - Dead white muh'fucka (in a white suit, too) - Dead French Muh'fucka - Dead homo-ass muh'fucka - Jesus (was he a white dude?)

Sh'up y'all

Non-existent muh'fucka (wuz dat shit?) - Evil squid muh'fucka - GOD (better not be a white dude) - Swedish puppet dude - Yo, DUH - Captain Oblivious

Mo' shit

Hamlet an' shit

Ain't no thang

White-ass dope-pushin' - Russian Roulette - What yo' headstone gonna say when I bust a cap in yo' ass - Got any shit to say 'fo I cap you, muh'fucka? - Dat's some deep shit, yo - Some fucked-up word game shit


Writin' shit[edit]

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