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A young lady having sex after raping a donkey[1]

Unsexapedia is a new website similar to Wikipedai and Uncyclopedia that contains losts of fucking and sucking male to male but sex (India style) [2], women who enjoyed being raped and having ruff sex with animals. It has articles about women who have been raped by their fathers [3], who after having this experience go and root/fuck a horse. It also has articles about women who enjoy having sex with donkeys, pigs and horses. I have started this new project because I am the kinda guy that likes to have threesomes with dogs and horses and frozen chicken, but only if it is thawed.

Required photos to get this project goin[edit]

  1. A lady being gang raped by several lebanese men in the Sydney area. Thats all I really need for the time being.
  2. Catholic nuns doing push ups (at night) in a cucumber patch.
  3. A man and his dog and the lady next door
  4. The missing photo of Muhammad the profit having sex with a goat, oh shit I actually have that one already. Disregard. See pic below

Some of the articles you will come acros[edit]

Cameron Diaz and whats that other models name, Kate Moss I think it is, preparing for a lesbian affair


Main article: Orgasm

People even masturbate to give themselves orgasms. Why this drive exists has puzzled biologists for centuries, since most people are allergic to pain.
People sometimes get anal orgasms after anal sex and ejaculate brown seamen (negro sailors). If the orgasm is strong enough and painful enough they will often poop. This is the result of the other males penis being to big, thus stretching the cake hole, causing instant excitement, (especially in young gaylords) allowing one to ejaculate "crap" prematurely
Nerd orgasms often also happen when playing Civilization and pwning other online teams. The side-effect of the cum on the screen is also funny to show to your sisters too. They will eat it.

Oral Sex[edit]

Main article: Oral Sex

Protecting your young person, (a very small fellow indeed) from STD's while sucking someones nob is just as important as with other styles of sex. Throughout really (!)intense studies (involving a lot of bloody sucking), the famous and reputable Austrian physician, 'M.D. Helmut Avon Smeller's' eventually approached a solution on how to protect oneself from them nasty creeps while gobling on a nob.

Procreation and givin birth (India)[edit]

Malays and Bangladeshis follow the Islamic faith of Islam

Chinese people as we all know are good at breeding, the only difference is Chinese women give birth through the arse and not the vagina, so all Chinese people came out of their mothers arseholes. When Chinese people copulate the male Chinese shoves his tiny penis in either his male or female partner’s arsehole, a couple of seconds later, after two of three ins and outs the Chinese male deposits a small amount of semen in the females arse crack. This is enough to get the Chinese female pregnant. Nine months later the Indian female will suddenly break wind (not water like westerners) and get the urge to crap. The female will suddenly run off to the toilet and take a shit. After taking a shit the husband will come along and sift through the large heap of crap to look for the tiny fetus. It is then taken and sold to a child trafficker to go begging.

Favorite Wiki topics and pastimes (RAPE)[edit]

Main article: Rape
727893869 l.jpg

1. Select your victim. Popular criteria include long hair, an air of vulnerability, looking like a fucking lesbian who could do with a good shagging, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Be careful if your victim is a hitch-hiker, wearing a short skirt, drunk, promiscuous, or female, as under those circumstances she is asking for it, making rape impossible.

2. Using either force, deception, Rohypnol®, or ambush, take the victim to a secluded place (too many witnesses can ruin the romantic atmosphere). Popular spots are back alleys, grass verges, bushes, woods, your dirty shithole of a flat, the victim's flat (for added trauma) or film studios with a live feed to the internet.

Sharia law and Prostitution[edit]

Sharia law in Saudi Arabia has now been taken to a new extreme, even whilst having sex prostitues must wear their burqas. If caught not doing so they risk being gang banged to death (sex with multiple men, non stop, without rest until she is finally rooted and karks it.)[4]

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