Untitled Kingdom

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The Untited Kingdom
The Untitled Kingdom
Motto: 'Qu'est-ce que c'est? (Royal motto)
French for "What is it?"
Anthem: God Save the Quail
Capital London
Largest city Lindun
Official language(s) The Untitled Kingdom is made up of mutes.
Government Evil Dictatorship of Monkeys
Prime Minister
King Oook the Monkey
Toby Mare
Currency Bananas
Area 666
Population density 246.5
Calling code 42


The Untitled Kingdom (not to be confused with the United Kingdom or the United Klingon) was founded in the year 1337 by a band of monkeys, led by King Mook. The band of brave primates had sailed over oceans wide until they reached what seemed like a perfect island, which they claimed as their land. The trees were full of bananas, the sea was clear and blue, and the monkeys were happy. This happiness, however, would not last. In a masterly scheme, the good King Mook was overthrown by a band of rebels, led by the soon-to-be-king, Oook. Many of the founding monkeys were killed in the violent uprising, and when all of the old government had been killed, Oook declared himself king. Years of unhappiness have passed under King Oook, and every day defenceless monkeys are downtrodden, forced into slave labour and made fun of by the evil King. However - It doesn't have to be like this. If you can donate just $1 a month to the Monkey's Yearly Bananas and New King fund we can help feed starving monkeys and overthrow this evil dictatorship and bring peace to the population of the Untitled Kingdom.


The Untitled Kingdom's economy is focused on two core points: Banana exports and Cheap Labour. It is estimated that about 90% of illegal bananas have been smuggled in from the Untitled Kingdom, in order to avoid taxes. Many bananas from the Untitled Kingdom are sold as bananas from other countries, in order to fool the public into thinking that they are buying legal bananas. For more information, see banana smuggling. Cheap labour is supplied by the many monkeys forced into working for the government for very little or sometimes no pay. Often hundreds of monkeys are in factories, making cheap toys, electronics, and copies of the plays of William Shakespeare. Often monkeys die in the cramped conditions, and sometime they are suffocated by the thick fumes generated by the equipment used. In order to avoid boycotts by Human Rights activists, many of the products produced are labelled as being made in a different country, and are smuggled in.


The Untitled Kingdom has a very far developed infrastructure including roads, highways, railroads, path through deep dark forrests, beaming technology and Banana Fun Rides. However everything is useless, as nobody can either write, hear, speak or listen. Therefore everything is unlabeled which gives the big disadvantage, that since nobody can differentiate any place by name, it is assumsed that you are already everywhere there is. So if you are already there, why go somewhere else?

Foreigners often have problems with this way of thinking and usually get the advise to try and imagine sitting in a dark basement, with closed eyes (as if it does matter in darkness) all day long and try imagine to tell yourself you are at Disneyland ... Disneyland ... I am at Disneyland ...

On a side not, since all drivers on the road are blind as well, it may be a bit dangerous being deaf and walking on the street.