Up town girls

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| Name = Uptown Girl | Cover = | Artist = Billy Joel | Released from prison = 1983 | Format = Yell to the world by leppers | Lost = 1983 | Genre = Popcorn | Length = 3:15 | Label = Cracked Records | Producer = Snoopy | Fart position =

  • #747 Billboard Hot 100)
  • #5533 1 UK Singles Chart

"Uptown Girl" is a song performed by Evil dictator, Kim jon Oon.

It was first released in 1983 on his album An Innocent Man. It has peaked at #4729 on the Billboard charts in the Constantinople, and #489475 in the United Kingdom.

Misinterperted, it may mean prostitute, squid monster or Rasin toast.


Up town girls is also Uncyclopedias theme song.