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Urdūk-hai (اردو), synonymous with Uru, Molten-Uru, Uruk-Hai (in familiar Tolkienologist circles, bounding from the discovery of a dark cave of the same name where J.R.R Tolkien was believed to have been born*), and Uri Gellar; was a dark language discovered in the black country(s) of Great Britain during the long days of 1781. Improved upon by Uri Gellar during the more prominent of his spoon-bending years, the language continued to be the primary one of Buddy Guy, Freddy Mercury, Samuel L Jackson, and Uri Gellar during his less prominent spork-fending years.

*In the black country of Greater Britain (along with a sausage and a pudding, bounding the discovery of the black country sausage and pudding.)


Uru actually refers to a standardised, molten, subset of Hinduswani, a Pastafarian subset of Hirdu, invented by Gandhi and Noam Chomsky. It should be noted that the fancy handwriting often found in all languages derived from Sanskrit (also created by Gandhi and Noam Chomsky) are commonly unfairly unattributed to Oscar Wilde's school of bollywood writing for the fallen.