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That's of course bad news, that you don't know what a Usenet group is. Otherwise you wouldn't be here, would you? So, Kiddie, before you get back to your Xbox, your Windows XP or Apple MP3 player, let me just tell you that all of this nice toys would never be possible without us inventing these nice technologies in the Usenet groups during the good old days where Spam was kind of canned ham and Apache the name of a native American tribe.

Basically any human invention we know including the wheel was a result of a tense discussion in highly specified Usenet groups with so beautiful names as alt.transport.inventing.the.wheel. And, believe me or not, every contribution was constructive, every idea was heard, and fierce discussions never went personal. Yeah, that were the good old days.

In contrast to what the name says a Usenet group is not a group of Usenets. Rather the Usenet is a Usenet group group (or the other way round).