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Noob (☝)

This is only a noob; good contributions have not yet been made!
Why Uncycmen worship loud sun god? Why tell Ug eat shit fuckers? What am this "Wikicode" Ug learning?

O hai thr (☺)

“In Soviet Russia, abyss gazes into YOU!”

~ Obligatory Russian Reversal quote on Nietzsche

I lurked Uncyclopedia for about a year before I actually got an account. I like (Q)VFDing. I'm new to Wiki formatting. I am of indefinite gender and age, which is cool. Uh...I have an annoying username.

Update: I think I'm back. - © 16:07 Apr 17

(All my stuff will get its own pages when I get more stuff. Like awards, for example. *bats eyelashes*)

Stuff I Done Did (✍)

(!!!1 = FEATURED! [someday, anyhow])

Stuff I May Do/Am Doing ( )

( = not started, = current project, = aborted/HALP)

☐  Moderate rewrite of Tao (Who better to do it?)
☐  Mild rewrite of The Tao of Pooh (Seriously, who?)
☑  How To:Fake Your Death On The Internet (collab. with YTTE!)
☐  How To:Keep Your Bitch in Check
☐  UnScripts:A Modern Snuff Film by LiL J and T-Roy

If you want to help out with a project, let me know! If it's on here, I probably have an idea for where I want to go with it...probably being the operative word.


If you can't see the symbols on my userpage: too bad, I'm a little too lazy for images. You could upload all my symbols as images for me, but that's not really anything but a nice waste of time. And no, I'm not removing them/replacing them. In case you didn't notice, I have a Unicode fetish.

Also: I go on self-editing sprees a lot that are probably really, really annoying to anyone who watches Recent Changes. This is my apology.

Miscellany (〄)