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"I'm not Oscar Wild"---Oscar Wilde on User:

"If someone tells you i'm an ordinary man... Then he doesn't know i'm Spiderman"---Possible Quote by User: on Himself

Very little is known about User: Some think it's just a myth, some think it's just an alias. He's Neither of them, he's both!! User: is the alias of the mythological writer Oscar Wild!!! (Not Oscar Wilde). This mythological writer may not be as mythological as it seems, and it is supposed that he's real and the actual myth is about him being mythological. Anyhow, what it is known is that he may or may not be a great an beloved fella among Uncyclopedia, he is either black, white or Japanese, He might be a Midgit or Two, he might be two Clinjas taped together to form one giant Clinja. It's also common knowledge that he is a mere copy of the original, or the original who has been cloned. Either way, we love him or hate him... Or just feel indifferente about it...

Possible Facts About User:[edit]

  • He might have been the first man on the moon.
  • He may have created God
  • Maybe he's bold
  • Or Bolding
  • Perhaps he has hair enough to be the next president of the United States
  • He could have written The Illiad and The Oddisey
  • He Could be plotting to kill Oprah... And if he isn't, he should
  • He may be spiderman
  • He shouldn't put mustard on his chinese food