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Unpoetia logo.jpg Poetry for people who hate poetry

I habs a drem and my drem is to have a dream...
I R Poet
Guess wat! I dirrn't even knowit!
Haha! knowit rhymes with poet
you see? I did it again, so clever
Even better than John Denver.
Is poet pronounced poot?
No, it's pronounced poh-eht
Where are my boot?
I couldn't say boots coz it's plural,
and does not rhym with poot,
or for that matter root
Which r belong to a tree.
I can't wait to put this through pee,
because it should get an oresome review!
What rhymes with review?
Oh! That's right. pee review rhymes with review.
After that it will go on Vee Ef Eightch,
and get nommed for awesomeness by <insert name here>,
and be on the front page.
All thanks to <insert name here>
And then im gonna be famous.
Just like Paris Hilton's anus
I'm not trying to be heinous
I R just a poet, that's all.
Have a nice trip and see you next fall.
Wait! Why arnt you laughing?
Oh! Coz i spelled arn't werong.
Werong is spelled wright.
Time to have another bong.
Ok then good night!
P.S. Tell your mum i left the muny under her pillow
P.S.S I didn't mean to write that thats why i scratched it out
P.P.S.P.S.S Do you have a rubber eraser I can use instead? To rub out the words so this page dusn't look ugly Like your dad.