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Ailuros' Favourite Uncyclopedia Pages[edit]

HowTo:Host a Murder[edit]

Good evening <insert name here>! I'm Reginald Boddy and welcome to my page on HowTo:Host a Decadant Party. All my other guests are waiting in the Lounge for the HowTo to start and... I'm sorry, WHAT do you say is title of the page? HowTo:Host a... MURDER?! This a most outrageous mistake by those luddites at Uncyclopedia. Please wait here while I go to the Study to rectify the situation.

(Mr. Boddy leaves for his Study)




The Guests[edit]

(You join the Guests in the Lounge)

MUSTARD: Ah <insert name here>, my old friend, good to see you. I understand there has been a MURDER here tonight and we are ALL suspects!

BATMAN: Well I certainly didn't kill him, I'm the good guy.