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The name Alien Hunter comes from the old Bounty Huntin' days in which I used to hunt UFOs and aliens. I WAS the IP known as the COOL and SEXY ADMINS IP, who had noticed the GREAT job these Admins are doing on Uncyclopedia. Otherwise it would turn into this shit!

This user is a Military Brat. Some family members even had to put up with shit from DIs like this guy. Some were stationed in exotic places.

This User is a semi-retired paranormal investigator. This user has, due to this, a alternate account called BlackOps Agent for PUBLIC use ONLY to prevent this account from being compromised. This is not a sock puppet. Socks belong in the drawer, on your feet.

<insert name here> also loves the Admins, 'crats as well. Hope they love me as well.

Admins on here are:

  • Cool
  • Sexy
  • Attractive
  • Sweet
  • Helpful
  • Love NEW users

Uncyclopedia Admins are found in their natural habitat where they await new users to play with them.

Admins are welcome to add their sigs here.

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Status here: New n00b

Scary Shit:[edit]

“That shit below scares the fucking hell out of me!”

~ a Grue

“That's some damn fucking scary shit!!!! This damn fucking shit scares me and my damn fucking Marines!!!!”

~ R. Lee Ermey, after he shits all over himself.

“YIPES!!!! That shit scares ME! I just shit myself BIG TIME!!!!”

“I'm scared Aliens will take my dick!”

“I hope aliens take your damn dick you cheating motherfucking son of a bitch!”

“Shit below is scary.”

“That damn fucking shit is too damn fucking scary for Wikipedia!!!! That is why WE don't want it in Wikipedia at all. We Wikipedians are scared of that shit!!!!”

This scary shit that scares the hell out of those people, grues, you: