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Yalta Conference[edit]

Clearly, the only person missing is Oscar Wilde
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Someone will get killed for this!

~ Oscar Wilde on NOT BEING INVITED

Oscar Wilde wasn't there”

~ Captain Obvious on people the Yalta Conference

The Yalta Conference was a historical event in which the worlds most important people got together, except Oscar Wilde, and discussed important world issues. The United Kingdom and America were highly represented at the meeting. The only country which did not attend was Ireland, for unknown reasons.


The Yalta Conference had a number of prominent attendees from the world of cinema, movies, entertainment and politics. And Bill Gates.

Oscar Wilde[edit]

Where was he?

Why wasn't good ol' Oscar there i hear you say? He claims that he was "busy" whatever that means. On further investigation by the CIA he was found to be caring for his Pufflebump Snugglekins who was still recovering from "a verwwy bad viwwuss". His spokesperson later announced




  • Sean Connery threatens to shoot someone
  • Mr T and some plane incident
  • Albert Einstein explains General Relativity and Special Relativity
  • Chuck Norris disproves all theories of relativity by roundhouse kicking light to faster than the speed of light