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I look like a fool!

About Me[edit]

I am Geoff Greer (born Smarch 17, 11111000001), though online I use the alias AngryParsley.

I am Elbonian, although I was born in the United States. I've also lived in Alabama, Jamaica, Washington D.C. and currently New Jersey.

I usually hang out on #wikipedia on Freenode. Although if I find an Uncyclopedia IRC channel, I'll go there too.

To-do list[edit]

Ha, fooled you! To-do lists are actually pieces of paper that wives give to their husbands.

Useful links[edit]

Crazy Wikipedians[edit]

Crazy Wikipedians is a list of the results of an online personality disorder test. It's completely unscientific, but funny to see how crazy you are. If you want me to add your results to the list, talk to me on #wikipedia.


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