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Oh, hi guys. I'm back. Everyone's favorite Azeri annoyance.

I took a break from this place after certain things happened. If you have been here a while, you know what they are. Most likely, you are a n00b and don't give a shit. Alas, n00bs, don't think i'm one of you. I've been here since November 2005 and have seen a lot of things. I experienced the Euroipods Crusade firsthand. The making of Fisher price and it's retrospective. The fall of Chronarion's power to Wikia. Various attacks from ED. BENSON. The undocumented loss of my then "partner" to various people. Then I become, essentially , a troll. Lose my adminship at QDB. Any chance for credibility on IRC and the site alike.

But i'm back now. Starting anew. Meet anidnmeno v2.0.

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