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I must be praised for my piety.

Ayatollah Gurkhmeini (1946-2956) was a Wookiee Chieftain that fought in the Battle of Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars. the youngest child of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo. an Iranian-American Jedi, h4x0r, and, most of all, Uncyclopedia contributor. He marrried Jaina Solo, the EU's biggest hottie, in 29 ABY, and subsequently impregnated her with a metric buttload of hot Jedi kids. He resurrected Yoda in 32 ABY and is currently working on an album with acclaimed producer Slub Gamorkiyan.

Who am I?[edit]

Who in Outer Darkness knows? I'm too busy dodging bullets fired by Lilburn W. Boggs and his lackies to discuss these matters of profound importance. I am however, Mormon, which means I am:

  • Extremely happy;
  • Can use the word "eternal" in normal conversation;
  • Think I can solve everything by referring you to missionaries;
  • A born optimist who thinks the humor is the world's manner of achieving enlightenment. Good humor that is.

Furthermore, according to Mordillo, it would seem that I might be the Latter-Day Lowlander, leading his pikemen and woad raiders soon to a theatre near you! Like Braveheart, but without the Catholic fanaticism and anti-Semitism!

This is how I see the world. Not wrong, only different.

My Articles[edit]

You can view the ones I started or wrote most of here.

My Propaganda[edit]

Uncyclopedians Anonymous: My anti-Wiki.

My insanely biased propaganda (for which I have recently received the FOOLITZER PRIZE) is displayed here.


I am a student in Utah, land of the Mormons. A mere lad to most, I have been able to pwn all my enemies and become an Uncyclopedia Contributor. My fav. sub. are hist. and Eng., dude!

I enjoy writing articles on history and geography, and just love to put in infoboxes on crap. Infoboxes are fun, and make it like kinda real.


See them here.


Gurkhmeini does not play sports, although he does run and may try out for track next year. Also, as a Salt Lake supporter, I may murder anyone who supports Chivas USA or Colorado.

Model UN[edit]

OMFG! 1tz t3h b34713z!!!!111!1!!1

I greatly enjoy participating in the Model United Nations program. I currently represent Germany on UNESCO and SOCHUM throughout the state of Utah. Yes, I am a nurd.


I play violin and guitar. However, due to my use of this website, I am not very good. I like to listen to Mozart, The Beatles, Death Cab for Cutie, Bright Eyes, Cream, The Ramones, and other crazy crap.