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Sainsbury's is a British supermarket, long at war with Tesco and ASDA, though forever losing. Their current dictator is Jamie Olivia who often produces propaganda for the shop's communist cause. Copying other supermarkets seems to be their speciality at the moment (though you don't know if that was their idea. Sainsbury's lack of success seems to be down to the lack of quality in their supermarkets: one branch was found to have an meat isle with 1973 Sell by dates stuck on it. The rats were arrested under suspicion of poisioning.

Sainsbury's brands:[edit]

  • Sainsburys basics whole Goat
  • Jamie Olivers Dandruff (with food colouring
  • Sainsbury's basics caviar (made with 100% processed goldfish eggs
  • Shit soup


On the 5th January 2012 sainsbury's were sued £150,000000 for forgetting how many bird flu specials they had sold over the past 2 months. They were sued for breaking competition laws after Aldi complained that they had sold twice as many bird flu ridden chicken breasts.