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Meedson Jennifer Hudson Schrieaffer |align="center"|

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           "BigBirdOwnz" is considered to be a sacred word by the followers of the Pastafarian faith. In order to prevent 'Ramen' being used until the sushi shops are closed down for heresy, please do not speak it in front of them.

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“ In the beginning, Satan created T.V, and saw that it was bad. Then, he said, “Let there be T.V shows.” And it was so. Then, he created a Bird. Not just any bird, BIGBIRD. And BIGBIRDOWNZ!”

~ God on on BigBirdOwnz

“ We made so much fun of Sesame Street. That’s what killed Snuffleupagus, and made Big Bird snap. Now, we face the consequences!”

~ Doomsayer on BigBirdOwnz

“First, they kill Elmo. Then, they kill Cookie Monster. You all… are going to get raped.”

~ Chuck Norris telling his prophecy of BigBird making war on the world.

“In Soviet Russia, BigBirdOwnz YOU!!”

~ Russia on Fightng BigBirdOwnz
Sup now, Motha F***-as?

“My precioussssss... ”

~ your mom on Faramir


~ Joe the Plumber on Seeing this users page for the first time

“This is a character from Sesame Street.”


~ Who the hell knows.

Personal info
Nationality Sesame Street Vanguard
Date of birth 1\1\1
Place of birth ur mums vagina
Date of death Immortal… 8
Place of death Pig and Whistle, Wandsworth, London
First Lady
Political career
Order 44th President
Vice President failed attempt 1951
Prime Minister Ran in 1965 election
Term of office 911–still going
Preceded by Unknown
Succeeded by Dictator
Political party Communism
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Maddening Beginnings[edit]

"-Oh, what a child... what a sweet little child... lets put him in a plastic bag and dump him on the street."

Quotes From Me[edit]

“Darwin can just go piss on a tree.”

~ BigBirdOwnz on Darwin

“Stop using my page for your lewd urges!”

~ BigBirdOwnz on Perverts

“You piece of ****, I'm coming to get you!”

~ BigBirdOwnz on You

“Your mom?”

~ BigBirdOwnz on mom

“God doesn't believe in Atheists, so Atheists don't exist.”

~ BigBirdOwnz on Atheists

“Quit it with leaving your bras all over my lawn!”

~ BigBirdOwnz on Girls in general

“One Half of me wants to strangle you, and the other want's to run you over with a truck.”

~ BigBirdOwnz on Oscar Wilde

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