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Articles Written[edit]

  • Germaine -first article, sorta NSFW theme, but its appropriate subject matter for a NSFW article
  • Foamy - "praise" article
  • Moronicus -probably my best article, rip off of Idiocrates
  • Baby farming -written in deadpan psuedo-encyclopedia style, if you read it in a "skim thru and look at the pics" manner, you probably won't find it funny

Self-Review of said articles[edit]

I really can't tell if my articles are funny or not; alot of it depends on the mood one is in while reading an aricle; pointless drivel can be funny on occassion.

  • Germaine This and the Foamy article probably won't been funny if you have never seen the Neutrotically Yours cartoon. The article is semi-NSFW but the subject matter is appropriate for a "GP-13" to "R" rating. Also drones on and on with accusations that the subject is transgendered.
  • Foamy Probably not funny, too much of a 'praise' article, which never works, except in a few instances. Also has unneeded references to Oscar Wilde.
  • Baby farming This article could either be good or as unfunny as a random wikipedia article. It is written in deadpan pseudo-wikipedia style, complete with NPOV. Excluding the pic captions, there are few sentences in that article that are funny if seen in a vacumn. The goal of article is to look like something that might be found on Wikipedia is the subject matter actually existed. I might need to tone down the captions a bit more. The pics themselves might be to absurd, particuarly the "Britney Giving Birth statue" pic.
  • Moronicus. Before reading this article, one should read the Idiocrates article. Basically, Moronicus is half reactionary fanatic and half devil's advocate to Captain Obvious. The article also "complains" about several internet memes on uncyclopedia. This is the probably the article of mine I find most funny.

Articles Edited[edit]

Excludes minor edits

Mini-Wilde Gallery[edit]

These images are sporked from Flickr and Wikipedia (this serves no purpose at the moment, besides a needless referal to Oscar Wilde):

Other Images uploaded by me[edit]