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“I must destroy that filthy Dib-human!”

~ Invader Zim on Dib Membrane
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Dib's self-portrait

Dibsanthius "Dib" Membrane (also known as "The Hero named I") is known to many as "The Hero of Earth" for helping defeat stop the evil plans of the former ruler of earth, Invader Zim and his acomplice, Dr. Nefarious, and banishing the 2 villians into the darkest regions of space where they now reside in Dr. Nefarious's spaceship, plotting revenge. Dib's act of heroism however, unknown to him, did more bad than good, since during the overthrowing of the 2 villians, Zim was gravely injured. When Invader Zim and Dr. Nefarious escaped, Dr. Nefarious equipped Zim, who was near death, with cybernetic technology, which turned him into Cyborg Zim. The people of earth knew nothing about this development however, and still consider Dib to be a hero.

The Pre-Heroic Days[edit]

'Zim is an alien!

Well this pic speaks for it self dosent it

Dib on ZADR[edit]

Dib, upon hearing of ZADR.

When contacted at his monkey ranch in Guam for his opinion on ZADR, Dib choked on his dinner of baked beans and nearly died, and then stated that he would in fact rather be eaten by cannibals than be Zim's "special friend." He is quoted as saying that his only goal in life was to stop the invading alien before he could gain control of the world, but that, "Idiot fangirls misunderstood my brilliant documentary and failed to see the truth! They beat me with plushies and hailed Zim as their sex god!" After going on at length about his abject failure and subsequent flight from America, and wondering out loud whatever happened to his co-creator Jhonen Vasquez, Dib continued, "This is just more punishment, I guess, for trying to point out the reality of that tyrant. Being written as a whiny, girly emo-boy who gets raped by him."

Take a look fangirls this is Not LOVE!

In the original Nickelodeon television show that was cancelled some years ago when Nickelodeon decided that fake pre-teen angst and poser shows were more appropriate (the company "decided" this at the behest of Herb Scannel, an evil robot Zim had installed), the two main characters, Zim and Dib, were always known to be rivals. This stands to reason, given the reason for the show, and given that Dib had sworn in real life to stop Zim at all costs. It also makes logical sense, because Zim is an adult Irken with that species' typical revulsion of all non-Irkens, while Dib is a human elementary school student who has issues. They are consistently portrayed as hating one another in episode after episode, for the obvious reason that Dib constantly fucks up Zim's evil plans for taking over the world, and makes him look like a complete dumbass. This is, of course, the entire point.

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