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Bob of Doom flaunts his awesome-osity.

“He's the greatest son that I never loved.”

~ Oscar Wilde on his not-love for his son Bob of doom

“I'd hit that.”

~ Paris Hilton on Bob of doom

“He's not bad for a Jew.”

~ Mel Gibson on Bob of doom

“I agree.”

~ Adolf Hitler on Bob of doom

Bob of Doom (born Robert O. Dume, July 20, 1992)is your dad. His interests include kitten huffing and Daler Mehndi. He is a link enthusiast and a professional Numa Numa.

Birth and Childhood[edit]

Bob of Doom was born to Oscar Wilde and Natalie Portman as a result of a drunken one-night stand in Las Vegas in the winter of 1991. Portman decided to keep the baby; she felt that through her superior achievements in the most respected of American film industries, she had earned the right to bear the child that would bring about the destruction of The Matrix (she had intelligently not seen the sequels). As the boy progressed through his early years, he began development of a computer system that would later be wrongly attributed to his uncle Willy. After Willy refused to share the profits of said system with the child, Bob decided to go for a walk through the park to vent his anger. In later years, he would spearhead a new development to get revenge on his uncle.

Young Adulthood[edit]

Bob, soon after joining I Think Satan Likes Your Mom.

As a young adult, Bob was renowned around his hometown for his practices in spiritualism and man-to-man negotiation. At the age of 19, he won the Nobel Prize for his accomplishments in the field of automobiles, and half a year later would begin his endeavors into a musical career, succeeding all along the way, releasing many successful projects.


Bob was tragically killed in 2035 when a crazed catholic priest attacked him, believing him to be the spawn of He Who Shall Not Be Named after hearing his work with I Think Satan Likes Your Mom. Bob's legacy would live on in his disciples' work in entertainment and food services.