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This page is a piece of crap. The author acknowledges this fact.

(sorry, i just love Templates! i just can't get enough of them!)

Useless Information[edit]

Welcome, ladies and gentelmen, to the worst page on uncyclopedia! (yes, worse than You) if you wish to read on i recommend therapy. if not there's the Door.

I am from England, it's a rather nice place to be! (i am being serious you know!)


Bob was born on the 29th of the month of July in a small box behind Tesco. you could always identify him as he had no sence of Humour and constantly annoyed people over the internet with his magic ability of being a complete and utter N00b. On his 18th birthday however, his life was changed forever when his parents died and left him their entire fortune! he quickly sold his box and bought a Bus Ticket and was dropped off at Glasgow

Chapter 2[edit]

Bob stepped off the Bus and snifed the Glasgow air. (it smelled like deep fried mars bars). Bob then walked over and saw a very perculiar sight, grown Men walking around in Skirts! Bob blurted out in laughter but soon it turned to tears as the Glasgow Transvestites started to chase him, brandishing Knives and Haggis! After a ridiculously long chase scene Bob somehow managed to Out Run them. soon Bob was able to set up his new portable box and went to sleep, he dreamed about the lions...

what happens next? You decide!