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“In Soviet Russia, Fuckwit Is You!”

~ Russian Reversal on Fuckwit

“Hey...The English Dictionary Didn't Say That!!”

~ Captain Obvious on The English Dictionary

Fuckwit was a term derived in the 1760's to define a total utter fucking, Brainless, insensitive, moronic, bastard, without having to say total utter fucking, insensitive etc, etc...or something to that effect. Also another definition of a Fuckwit is...oh i don't know just look at the bloody picture...

The English Dictionary's Official Definition Of A Fuckwit

Officially Designated Fuckwits (According To The U.N Order Of The Fuckwit)[edit]

Mark Of The Fuckwit[edit]

Poor George Forgot To Ask The Make-Up Lady To Attend To His Mark Before The Photo Shoot

The Mark Of The Fuckwit is a common way of identifying these idiots and had been used since egyptian times. Many modern day Fuckwits are marked with the "mark" usually at between the ages of birth and three (By that time the parents usually realise what a total Dipshit they have brought into this world)

Order Of The Fuckwit[edit]

When the majority of the worlds Fuckwits were cast out of society they banded together to form the U.N and lesser organisations such as the E.U order of the fuckwit. This band of elite persons Bunch of utter fucking retards united to try and overthrow modern society and bring about a new era of stupidity...they failed. What a surprise...

A Note...[edit]

Fuckwits on their own are as close to harmless as anything can get. But when they group together in packs, Fuckwits can be incredibly dangerous; There have been many reported cases of these idiots banding together and secretly plotting things that the general public either doesn't know or just doesn't care about...

So You Think You're Alert[edit]

So you <insert name here>. Yes i'm talking to you! think you're alert eh? well I don't. If you were alert you will have noticed that this whole article is intended to brainwash un-alert fools like yourself into reading the subliminal (or subliminable if you're George Bush) messages inplanted into this text... Yes every word of this you read brings you closer to being a Fuckwit...Yes that's it, keep reading...keep reading now.

The Honorary Badge Of The Fuckwit...Now Go Throw Yourself off A Cliff

One Of Us Now...[edit]

You are now one of us. You are officially a Fuckwit. Well done...You will soon be awarded the honorary chocolate biscuit and position of Presidency/celebrity status/ as soon as you prove to us that you are an actual Fuckwit instead of some n00b wannabe.

The End[edit]

Well <insert name here> You have reached the end of this article and have been proven to be a fully fledged Fuckwit (if you DID have a brain/common sense etc you would have stopped reading this as soon as I mentioned the words "brainwash" and "subliminal". So where do you go from here? well the nearest cliff might be a good idea you fucking moron...

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