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(A large courtroom. On the evidence table, an assortment of devices generally thought to be impossible sit: a perpetual motion device, an Ouroboros, an honest politician, and others. At the bench is a crotchety old man in a gown (this man is not a cross dresser, he is a judge), and in the jury box is a bunch of easily-swayed members of society incapable of thinking any thought the attorneys don't put in their heads (per judicial law). The man on trial fits the evil scientist stereotype a little too well. His hair is wild and his eyes are shifty. The defending attourney is a balding, middle-aged man. The prosecuting attorney, who is also a bald, middle-aged man with a Scottish accent, approaches the jury with a clipped step. He speaks.)

Picard: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it is my intention to prove in this trial that not only is the paradox weapon a menace to the world, but that this man, (gestures to the defendant) Dr. Brown, is the one responsible for it. This device has caused untold pain and heartache from causing men to become their own grandfathers to children knowing more than their parents. All caused by this (holds up a perfect metal sphere) which clearly says Dr. Brown on the back (turns the sphere to show the back, which says "Dr. Brown" with clear indentations on the smooth perfect sphere's surface). We must lock him away forever for burdening us with this weapon of impossible destruction. (He returns to his seat)

(The defense attorney stands and approaches the stand. He has an American accent.)

Kirk: Yeah, don't listen to that guy. (returns to his seat)