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Much like this triangle,
Cainad is an impossibility.
He doesn't exist.

Sadly, he doesn't let that stop him from editing Uncyclopedia.

At first glance, this doesn't make sense. Nor will the second or third glances reveal anything to you.
Glancing is worthless; you must scrutinize and read between the lines if you wish to understand.


Nothing. Go away.


Subject: One (1) Cainad
Alias(es): "Who?"
Titles/Dishonorifics: "The Acceptable"

Featured Articles: Diplomacy; Books never written

Redeeming Qualities: Wears a hat.

Summary: Mostly harmless Uncyclopedia editor. May be aware of the mind-control rays,
but has not taken action to resist. Possible association with undesirables is uncon-
firmed, but subject has voiced disapproval of Operation Piffle. Currently resides in
a protected location (Security Class 2.3), agents have determined that subject does
NOT have access to nearby Secret Volcano Base.

Other Info: Completely nucking futs.