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The VFH Shed of Leg Ends[edit]

For writers who've gotten at least 1/2 credit on a best of the month article.

Name Features Titles
Modusoperandi 14 Suburban homeboy, American Fundie Magazine, The Bureaucracy Channel, UnBooks:Pulp Novel, the case of the dashing dame, Stephen Hawking ran over my cat, UnBooks:Diary of a Caveman, UnNews:Kids still fucking, Jerry Falwell, UnScripts: Genesis, Episode II: In the Garden of Eden‎, UnMovie Review: The Dark Knight, Karl Lagerfeld, The defense rests, your honor, UnNews:Chuck Norris on secularism: the single greatest threat that America has ever faced, The O'Reilly Factor, Tuesday May 13, 1865
Hardwick Fundlebuggy 12 Bouncy Castle, Citizen Kong, Banana Skin Joke, Ernest Hemingway's Cookery Corner, The Swedish Orienteering And Firing A Rat From A Cannon Championships, Humosexual, Sausage Butty Batter Nugget, HowTo:Kill two birds with one stone, Hardwick Fundlebuggy's Prison Journal, 001, The Free World, Christmas Number Ones
Procopius 12 Snopes, Dark Ages, Battle of Gettysburg, HowTo:Write A Cover Letter, Hays Code, Washington and Lafayette, Church of God the Wholly Incompetent, Political advertising, New Hampshire Merchant Cat, Blackbeard Catering Company, Edward the Gibbon, Assassins from the future
Hindleyite 11.5 Age of Umpires, HowTo:Avoid speeding tickets/fines, Uncyclopedia is the worst, Handgun, Speech to text software, Universal Remote Control Everything 3000, Adobe Potatochop (co-authored with Mhaille), HowTo: Be a Tramp, Pixellated Face Disease, Argos, Life's Unanswerable Questions, Commercial Conformity Period
Todd Lyons 11 OCD, The Root of All Evil, On a stick, Embracing Mediocrity, Oscar Mayer, HowTo:Get Banned, Horton Hires a Ho, The Complete Idiot's Guide To Talking To Women, Dear John letter, The Vagina Monologues, Life's Answerable Questions
Mhaille 10.5 Biggles, Neolithic Age, Jingo, Voynich Manuscript, Googlewhack, Prog Rock, Holocaust Tycoon, Oscar Wilde, (Adobe Potatochop, Goa Tse, African Giraffe, Jew Claw, Lewd Acts of the Apostles)
Hyperbole 9 Turing Duck Test, UnNews:God Rewrites the Bible, Cell biologists are cooler than molecular biologists, Dragon Warrior, Amanda Steele, Action Cop, Colin Powell, Prison Break, UnScripts:X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Why?:Don't we do it in the road?
Savethemooses 8 UnNews:Last spot in heaven taken; hundreds waitlisted, Nigerian census finds millions of rich, desperate princes, Z, Wall Street Crash of 1929, Pontius Pilot, HowTo:Smell a Bit Like Fish, Slate industry in Wales, Innovations in Comedy
15Mickey20 7 Martina Hingis, A bunch of aristocrats fucking. Awesome vid, Eurovision Song Contest, Rafael Nadal, Sania Mirza, A-level, Disorganised crime
ENeGMA 6 New Age Psychology, A Tour of Baghdad, Jackson Pollock, Total Fucking Asshole Server 2006, Fundagelical Christianity, Civil War
Guildensternenstein 6 Metal Gear Solid, UnBooks:The Lost Introduction to Walden, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Sergio Leone, Barack Obama's Teleprompter, UnBooks:Insipid Sentimental Women's Novel
Squiggle (formerly §ǚρωξλ£μĦΦφ≈€ƏξßÐÆØΞ) 6 HowTo:Skip School, Water Polo... With Sharks!, Double Ristretto Venti Half-Soy Nonfat Decaf Organic Chocolate Brownie Iced Vanilla Double-Shot Gingerbread Frappuccino Extra Hot With Foam Whipped Cream Upside Down Double Blended, One Sweet'N Low and One Nutrasweet, and Ice, The Annual One-Day-Only Winter Holidays Earlybird 5:00 AM 99% Off Sale, First Gradeism, One Out of Ten Doctors
The Thinker 5.5 Mr. Kearsy, Why?:Pour Boiling Hot Water Down Your Trousers?, UnNews:Stuffy intellectuals discover internet memes, Drunk Olympics (co-authored with THE), Jaws did WTC (co-authored with Bradaphraser), Hillyard & Brickman Corporation (co-authored with User:So So), UnBooks:The Night I Slept with Björk
Cap'n Ben 5 The Gathering Horror, UnBooks:Great Abridged Literature, Jimmy the Cowboy, UnScripts:Song of the South, Why?:Is my molten steel bill so high?
Mordillo 5 HowTo:Learn Hebrew, My Journeys with the GPS, Jewish Holidays, Rashōmon, Roak Band - Teutonic Invasion
So So 5 Fire hydrant, You are dead, Pufflebump Snugglekins, UnNews:5th period Chemistry sub is a total bitch, Hillyard & Brickman Corporation (co-authored with The Thinker), UnNews:Movie character fails to heed helpful advice (co-authored with Mrmonkey72)
Cajek 4.5 Red Light, Heat death of the universe (co-authored with TheLedBalloon), Unidentified man in green firing turret, Star Wars (Japanese Opera), UnNews:Nature Now Rated NC-17
Prettiestpretty 4.5 That old woman next door, Colossus of Barbie, UnBooks:See Dick, UnBooks:Gone With d' Wind (Lewd Acts of the Apostles)
RAHB 4.5 Is This Some Kind of Fucking Joke?!, Why?:Remove Your Penis, UnLegends:The Land Where The Sun Shines Not, UnBooks:One Hundred and Seventy Three Haikus About Stuff; Mostly Office Supplies (Annotated And Abridged), HowTo:Rob A Bank With Your Penis (collab'd with TheLedBalloon and Dr. Skullthumper)
Tompkins 4.5 Don't be Stupid, Distraction, Teenagers, Vote Fish Penis, The Consumerist (co-authored with Braydie)
Braydie 4 HowTo:Make a Band, HowTo:Cheat At Scrabble, Separation Issues, African Giraffe (co-authored with Mhaille and Keitei), The Consumerist (co-authored with Tompkins)
Imrealized 4 Hide and Go Jesus, Paradise Lost, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Rorschach Inkblot Acid Test
Orian57 4 Insomnia, Why?:Am I a Power Ranger?, HowTo:Build the Perfect Sandcastle, UnBooks:Daddy, There's a Zombie in the Garden
RadicalX 4 Redundancy, Segregation, Gazebo, New Cooler Edition
Bradaphraser 3.5 Rogue Punchlines, Barns and Nobles, Yahoo, Jaws did WTC (co-authored with The Thinker)
TheLedBalloon 3.5 Heat death of the universe (with Cajek) Physics Act of 1707, Lewd Acts of the Apostles (with Prettiest Pretty and Mhaille) HowTo:Rob A Bank With Your Penis (with RAHB and Dr. Skullthumper), History of New England
Under user 3.5 UnScripts:Average Cop, HowTo:Be A Supervillain, Fish Puns (With MrN9000), Gazelle
An Ape that Only Exists on Thursdays 3 Marie Curie, Isaac Newton, UnNews:Is the Government doing enough to appease the Sun God?
Doug 3 Toilet Door Communication, Vladimir Nabokov, UnNews:RIAA CEO discusses the analog hole
Electrified mocha chinchilla 3 Inanimate Sponge, Really Big Tree, Holocaust denial denial
Keitei 3 African Giraffe, Nobody Cares, Blame somebody else
Nydas 3 UnBooks:Adventure gamebook, Memento, Commemorative plate
Rcmurphy 3 UnNews:Osama bin Laden awarded star on the Walk of Fame, "Paul is dead" hoax, Internet Movie Database
THE 2.5 UnScripts:Grass in the Mist, Drunk Olympics (co-authored with The Thinker), The Bourne Pottery Class
DJ Irreverent 2.5 UnTunes:I Am The Very Model of a Crazy Fundamentalist (collab with Moneke), UnBooks:Official Informational Guide to the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, Campaign Leaflet
Composure1 2 UnNews:National Gay Marriage Threat Level Raised to "Flamboyant", UnNews:You Are Reading This Headline; About To Click On It
Gerrycheevers 2 NASA, AIDS (Space Program)
Jamtrousers 2 HowTo:Be pretentious, Waiting for Godot
MacMania 2 UnScripts:Star Wars (2010), 2001: A Space Odyssey
One-eyed Jack 2 Patrick Henry, Pripyat River
Shandon 2 Nuremberg Rally, UnScripts:The JFK Shootout of 1963
Slackerboy 2 The Oldest Trick in the Book, World War I
Some user 2 Neuroipods, Humility
SysRq 2 UnBooks:My New Life as a T-Rex, Andy Rooney
David Gerard 1.5 Gay Pride, Command Line (co-authored with SonicChao)
Mrmonkey72 1.5 UnNews:Movie character fails to heed helpful advice (co-authored with So So), Samuel L. Vacuum
Winstanley1 1.5 Conceptual Art, Blandford (co-authored with That Guy Huffed Me),
Asahatter 1 Printer Ink
Sog1970 1 British Moon Landing
CheddarBBQ 1 HowTo:Get Over Jenny
CrabPope 1 Lord Sauron
Dawg 1 Home Haggis Maker
DrStrange 1 Private Eye
El Zoof 1 HowTo:Cut Your Own Head Off With a Chainsaw
EvilZak 1 Internet (video game)
Mahm00shA 1 UnScripts:An interview with an Egyptian taxi driver
Kwakerjak 1 Napoleon Bonaparte
Nachlader 1 UnBooks:Hot Japanese Girls - Colourblind or Unable to Speak English?
Nikau 1 Tradesmen
RabbiTechno 1 Rough Pubs
Syndrome 1 Let Someone Else Do It
Tagstit 1 Oscar the Grouch
Thekillerfroggy 1 Sergei Rachmaninoff
The Woodburninator 1 Thou
Dr. Skullthumper 0.5 HowTo:Rob A Bank With Your Penis (with RAHB and TheLedBalloon)
MrN9000 0.5 Fish Puns (With Under user)
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