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“An Idiot, who just so happens to be a Captain”

~ Captain Obvious on Captain Idiot


~ Captain Idiot on being the son of Dr. Weird.
Captain Idiot editing and Idiot. probably.

Captain Idiot[edit]

Captain Idiot was a noted Captain who sailed off the western coast of South America in search of Oscar Wilde's hidden Bag O Joy said to contain several items of complete and utter joy, including mayonnaise and original toe hairs from Christopher Columbus. However, Captain Idiot's ship crashlanded, and he was marooned in the internetian country of Uncyclopedia, ruled by a communistic regime dedicated to satirizing everything in known existence, which was ruled by Gilligan. Captain Idiot was also noted for being a top officer of the Uncyclopedian Humour Liberation Front in its war against the barbaric RandomLOLZ Humour Imperium, a radical group of lawnmower repairman who thought random humour was funny, the RLHI was eventually deposed, and the People's Republic of Uncyclopedia and surrounding Territories(PRUT), stands strong. Currently, Captain Idiot recieved the Supreme Medal of Idiocy from Jimbo Wales, and now serves in the people's army. He also has a taste for poppy seeds and coconuts, but you already knew this.

His Brother is Captain Obvious, they are both of Polish ancestry, and currently live in Antarctica on a beach with their friend anonymous who uses IP address [[1]], editing the night away while drinking Morphine Sulfate.

Thank you, and good night....wait! this article isn't done yet, so keep reading...or dont, nobody cares...

Things that needs articles, but I'm too much of a lazy bastard to make(yeah)[edit]

  • Corellia.....or this....shall be the next article I work on!

Articles that I actually got around to creating[edit]

Articles I rewrote[edit]

  • Clerks - I rewrote this once unfunny article, if it is still not funny, then you are required by Uncyclopedian law to call me a complete failure at life and everything in it.

13th Century Uncyclopedia[edit]

Uncyclopedia is your 13th century french town, and this is your bible, go forth and smite the unholy and stupid from this once pure land!

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