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All of Dump's various garbage can be described as follows:

Bluehood.jpg Dumpcyclopedia is a parody-encyclopedia Although our content is usually 800% true(er) then all those other encyclopedias no one should ever take this wiki 100% seriously. So chill the fuck out and remember no matter how far or offensive we go it's only a joke.
Greenhood.jpg Dumpncyclopedia uses the "Offensive point-of-view": Write from a sadistic, and satirical standpoint. This means using the shock factor, side with the side everyone hates (i.e. praise cigarettes and write on the positives of tobacco) remember all humor is accepted. Also if by any chance any Dummpunist thinks he's right and your not on a particular article (which he might be) flame his ass on his talk page and then hold a vote.
Yellowhood.jpg Dumpcyclopedia is free hate that anyone can vandalize, licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license and may be freely distributed and linked. Recognise that articles are owned by the pathetic "community" at large and not by a single loser or clique that thinks they can own an article because their just that cool. So anyone with a said internet connection can destroy the articles as much as possible.
Orangehood.jpg Dumpcyclopedia has a code of discrimination Never respect your fellow Dummpunists even when they are (rarely) not being dicksholes. Be brutal. Avoid making friends, friends only take away from the "greater good" but sweeping generalizations are encouraged as long as you annoy everyone. Remember your here to mock the existing world and recive all the laughs possible from it. Don't use sockpuppets (except for you know), and if you are still an IP user, create a login. Be evil, cold hearted, and discriminatory.
Redhood.jpg Dumpcyclopedia isn't super uptight like those nazis or communists so remember besides the four general principles elucidated above. We are reasonably fairly free and easy here but we don't take kindly to the unfunny. Also we really don't like vandalism not because we think it's stupid but because it's usually unfunny and gets annoying. Remember you are VERY free in this wiki just keep in mind try not to overuse shock images or racial slurs and keep your 4chan memes to a minimum that's what 4chan or Encyclopedia Dramatica is for. However making fun of people on Myspace or youtube can be done if done very funny and sparsely.
Spork.jpg This page was originally sporked from Wikipedia's "Five Pillars".