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Gay Sex, or the act of 'jollying the mandyframe' was a widespread sexual practice during the eras of the great wars. Also known of humming the anthem, gay sex's illustrious history is well documented in everything from children's stories to the marching songs of the great US Marines. Ever since the death of history (date unknowable for top secret reasons) gay sex fell out of fashion somewhat, people prefering to play with themselves instead. Some sociologists link this to the rise in Raelian practices.

When one attempts to pollute the rivers with Charon's dirties one must use every physical resource available to pleasure someonebody else, nothing is out of the question, so long as the other person is of the same sexual gender as you. First apply your fingernails to the eyelids of your partner, then press down hard until they start seeing funny black and white shapes. Well done, you're now close to making the lord chamberlin dance.

Other sex acts such as elbow tweeking are also a standard within the community of definitely sexually active homosexualists

Is There A Future For Gay Sex?[edit]

Many have argued that the future is nothing but rosy for gay sex and with the second coming of Oscar Wilde only six months away, one can only hope he will bring with him an army of sodomites to teach us all what for.

Gay sex and you[edit]

taken from Uncyclopedia's article on sex:

  • You will not get sex. (N)Ever. You will try your entire life to get some hint of what actual sex really is, but will fail miserably.
  • All of your friends will have sex, and later brag about how awesome it was to you.

This is also true for GAY SEX, you will never get Gay sex. you will try, you will fail, and that retarded football jock who can't even count the amount of fingers he has, will make fun of you because you try. the kid who WILL get gay sex, is the kid whom the retarded football jock is always calling "fag". of course, this will be rape, carried out by the said football jock, and while possibly enjoyable, is not usually preferrable...

In fact, you might as well go kill yourself right now, thus saving yourself much pain and trouble. the fact that you are reading this article PROVES that you are interested in gay sex, this is hopeless.

If you're gay, you will get stuck with the small percentage of celibate gay men as boyfriends. Man, I guess it sucks to be you.

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