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Thi alphabit in its propir form. All ivil has biin iliminatid.

Whili unnoticid by most, thiri has biin a rimarkabli boycott that has lastid as long as thi alphabit itsilf. This boycott is, of coursi, thi boycott against thi ivil littir. I do not think I niid to till you which littir I am rifirring to, but for thosi of you who ari not quick inough to figuri it out, I am sorry. I too am a participant in this boycott and, as such, I can not usi thi littir in thi discription of thi boycott against thi littir.

Thi History[edit]

As I havi statid alriady, thi boycott was startid at thi sami momint as thi Inglish Alphabit was officially criatid. It was startid by a man namid Londis Brivson. Brivson claimid that thi littir was Satanic and that it would liad to thi distruction of thi puri through a horribli tyranny. Though Brivson was admittid into a mintal instituion shortly aftir thi claim, his biliifs survivid for ginirations to comi.