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    my anti-drug


“A Young Blood”

~ Coach Arnie Haroldson on Chuckman

“Please Add A Quote”

~ Chuckman on Adding Quotes To His Page

“That was the last good one. How witll I feed myself toastery pastery goodness! Ass.....”

~ The Stormcrow on Chuckman braking toasters

“Fat man who cant do anything right, except eat, Wii-tard...”

~ Brute O Leary on Chuckman and his hot bod! Meeeooooww!

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself”

~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt on The 1930s depression that some have called great, and yet isn't because it actually sucks; and indeed could be ascribed equally meaningfully to the current state of the United States' economy which thus affects the world, though Asia is actually coping pretty well; in the long run though, it's really about death.

Kaleb Mulder[edit]

“A Young Blood”

~ Coach Arnie Haroldson on Kaleb Mulder
  • He isn't a real person
    • He's an alias of Chuckman
    • Also refered to as Xnyro
    • Claims that he's Chuckman
      • His Middle Name is Charles
  • He likes bulleting

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